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Ted Rall is Being Crushed by THE MAN!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. May I paraphrase from Ted Rall's blog? Thank you. bq. Waaah, waahh, waaaah. The Times cancelled my strip. Those big, bad right wingers made them do it. Waaah Waaah free speech. Blah blah hate mail. Yadda yadda conspiracy. Waah Waahhh everyone is out to get me. Note to Ted Rall: Maybe they let you go because you SUCK?


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<gasping like a fish because I've been laughing so long and hard over this that I'm in cardiac arrest>

And you say there is no God, Michele?!

No, if there's a god - the Times would pick up Chris Muir.

What I found most amusing was the parallel allegation that the reason Clear Channel dropped Howard Stern was because he (gasp!) endorsed John Kerry.

Mo Dowd would say of his catchphrase:
"Ted Rall is America's BS..."

My five year old niece is a more talented artist than Rall. She knows not to draw the same big nose on everyone.

Ted Rall is a victim! Clearly the Times discriminates against Moonbat-Americans. He should sue.

Who says he WON'T?

Ted Rall always said that his supporters outnumber his detractors. This is proof that he was lying, as always.

Great news!

Cheese and crackers with your whine, Mr. Rall?

Seriously, he should have seen this coming way back when he was born.

"Maybe they let you go because you SUCK"

And with all his bluster about sex, not even in a good way...

So has Jeff Jarvis started monomaniacally posting about how this is another example of right-wing censorship yet? As we all know, anyone who is dropped from any publication/radio station or anything, ever, for any reason, is a victim of censorhip by evil Republicans, unless of course they're Dr. Laura or Michael Savage or someone like that. Then they should be put in the gulags.

Actually, I can't tell if it would make him more or less annoying or hypocritical if he started championing Rall. I also can't tell if I would care either way.

Anyway, sorry about that. I'm glad he (Rall) was dropped by the times. Now if they would only stop publishing Noam Chomsky, and Paul Krugman, and Maureen Down, and . . .

I love the smell of an ASV post about Ted Rall in the morning. It smells like ... victory.

Oh, lay off, T. It's been months. I was having withdrawals.

I find it amusing that Ted Rall the White Guy is complaining about being crushed by The Man.


Score one for the big guy!

I thought that Ted Rall's "Welcome to the Resistance" was treason.

Even if not, it was so far over the line that his days were numbered.

Michelle, you ARE going to like the Rantblog spin on this story.

Rall is acting like a baby?

Who'da thunk it?

Well, I will certainly miss Ted.

ok, I'm lying. could you tell?

Do you think he'll draw a book full of shitty, misshapen talking head comic strips about his "censorship" experience? I wonder what he'll call it...

"To Ass-banned-istan and Probably Not Back"

This is a trying time for Ted. Maybe he can go crash on Mark Moford's couch or something.

The poor bastard, even though he gave away his work, it was not good enough for those that say "all the news fit to Print."


Maybe we can get them to replace it with Cox and Forkum.

I looked for a place to leave a comment on Rall's blog. He has no mechanism for doing that.

There can only be one reason.


Now he's blaming unnamed "warbloggers" for his demise at the Times. Here's his best line:

"Because they're annoyed by receiving so many email complaints about my work--all of them motivated by partisan politics--the Times has decided to drop my cartoons entirely."

As if there were no "partisan" political views expressed in his strips. It is to laugh.

Oh yeah, he also wrote this:

"The fact of the matter is that what the Times has done here to me--and to you--represents a dangerous precedent for a free press (or, in this case, an online press). They've sent the message that political pressure works."

Um, isn't this "political pressure" part of free speech and a free press? People speak out against things they disagree with, and a company like the Times responds. What am I missing here?

Oh, I see...it's Ted's "right" to have his opinion posted by the New York Times. He's entitled.

You got it in one, Sean. If you don't pay the frieght for their "freedom of speech", even if its speech you find disgusting, treasonous, lying, hatefilled and loony, its censorship.

I swear sometime I get the impression that leftism is the party for those who never grew up.

As I said on my own blog, if 'warbloggers' were responsible for this happy news I'm mad that I wasn't given an invite to play along. 'Course, I'm still not getting my VRWC subsidy checks, so maybe it slipped through the cracks.


All you fascists eat your own shit on tablecloths with eyeholes cut out. I can't even begin to say how superior we are to you!

Kerry, Hillary, Dean, etc are the future! There is no room for your hate mongering, tiny brained, cross burning kind in our new world order.

We will remake the world in our image. All out war - no more fascist conservatives!

My, that was surprisingly grammatical.

"All you fascists eat your own shit on tablecloths with eyeholes cut out."

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship? I mean, I REALLY like this dude!

I really like him, too; I'm particularly impressed by the closely-reasoned argument that he presents.

Rall's site is great. Even the head shot is funny! He really does look like he's about to cry about how evil it all is, doesn't he?

Hint for Teddy: just because everybody thinks you suck doesn't mean they've conspired to think you suck. Maybe you just suck.

"This is a trying time for Ted. Maybe he can go crash on Mark Moford's couch or something."

My suggestion: Sleep face up.

Ted Rall is still drawing? Jeez, he's SOOOO 2002!

Say, that's a great idea! Ded Rall gets flushed down the toilet of history, to be replaced by Cox & Forkum....

Let's DO IT!