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i'm here to rescue your brain

I know a lot of you - like myself - were going crazy with the movie alphabet quiz. Thanks to a link on MeFi, we now have the answers to the first quiz. However, because I am pure evil, I present to you Demon Balls.


Bitch! I hate you!


It took me 130 seconds to get all red balls on one side and all blue balls on the other. It took another 2 seconds to realize they were all on the wrong sides. Argh.

That's just mean.

153 seconds!


82 seconds!

It's easier to get the balls in place when you're just waking up...



I want those hours back.

11 seconds

95 seconds--and it's addicting as hell

Show offs.

I need more coffee. And Tylenol...or maybe morphine.

You're mean, Michele.

Oooo! You are just mean! BTW, I had the same problem as Sekimori.