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i am totally against this

I do not, in any way, endorse Robert Rodriguez directing Sin City. Why don't people consult me on these things first?


for a second there (before i clicked on the link), i thought he was going into porn (Sin City is a well known company in that arena).

he probably would do a better version of Lock, Cock, and Two Smoking Bimbos, though...

Well, Frank Miller endorsed him. Good enough for me, especially considering that Miller had less than zero interest in allowing the story to be made into a movie, eh?

Well, it could be worse. It could be Bruckheimer. I guess. Too bad John Huston's dead, though. And Michael Curtiz. And Sergio ... Is there anyone around now who could do it gritty, tense and quiet enough to pull off the tone? Soderbergh maybe?


Honestly, I'd rather it wasn't made...I fear that it just won't translate well to screenand will only harm it. Some things are better left untouched.
(did anyone ever see that terrible Fantastic Four movie made a number of years ago? The one where they didn't bother to overdub the actors, so you caould barely understand the actor as he spoke through the Dr.Doom mask? Yikes.)

who's playing Marv?

As to the (unreleased) Roger Corman FF movie, well, they had a couple months to shoot and a budget of 20 bucks, but they tried their little hearts out. They did the best they could.

I'm a lot more worried about what Rodriguez will do with John Carter of Mars (reported in Variety this week)!

El Mariachi 4 - This Time They Killed His Girl.....Again!

I'm fully prepared to be incredibly disappointed. I was in the same state for LoTR, and of course was very pleasently surprised.

However, such pleasent surprises don't happen often.

I think "family values" would have a much better chance of translating to the screen, though.

Quick recap at http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=17080. Basically, Rodriguez went ahead and set up a shoot for the first scene of the movie, got the whole production crew and actors together and invited Miller to see what he wants to do. Miller was blown away.

Additionally, it's apparently using several different story arcs, not just one. From the article on AICN: "The film is apparently weaving multiple storylines together, not unlike PULP FICTION, but using 'I Believe' - SIN CITY, THAT YELLOW BASTARD and THE BIG FAT KILL as a basis & I think BOOZE, BROADS & BULLETS too."

i think itll work. sin city is gritty and all but it does have a certain camp to it that RR could pull off.