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it's a cruel world, after all

The shareholders sent a special message to Michael today at the annual stockholders meeting. eisnerfucked.jpg I think they are trying to tell him something, no? Yes, they are.


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Ciao baby!The board of Walt Disney Co. late Wednesday stripped CEO Michael Eisner of his role as chairman after about 43 percent of shareholders voted to oppose his re-election to the company's board.Well, I guess that means he's still the... [Read More]


Goddamn--you've got the Disney font? I'm so deprived.

He's still running most of the show as CEO, is this to make him quit? Why not just can the schmuck?

She could'a freehanded it. I learned how to draw Mickey and Pluto at Dinneywerl.

They're going nuts over this at Toonzone and I can only agree. 43% witholding is an incredible number.

It's a step in the right direction to end the plague on entertainment that Disney has been since 1997.

Watching Disney's troubles is almost as much fun as seeing Finding Nemo.

Don't know if this has made the rounds yet, but it was a suggested modification to a classic tune, that just fits the current situation to well regarding Mr. E.

M I C K E Y O U S O B!

(to be sung to the tune of "The Mickey Mouse Show", the opening number to the original television program (think Annette Funicello. They spelled out the letters first, like so)...

K E D...


F@#cked again, f@#cked again, don't ever hand another proxy out! OW! OW! OW"!