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adam curry, contraceptives and peanut butter

Jack Cluth asks: Favorite foam contraceptive? I do not endorse foam contraceptives, Jack. Rather, I endorse the method that I used myself, wherein you go to the hospital and the doctor does a little snipping, a little tying of knots, and you never have to worry about things like contraceptives again. Annastazia wants to know where I stand on hosts of Headbanger's Ball: Rikki Rachtman or Adam Curry? My endoresement goes to Riki. Yes, he could be an ass sometimes, but Rikki was the Motorhead to Curry's Flock of Seagulls. This is no reflection whatsover on Adam Curry, as I crushed hard on Mr. Curry back in the 80's. curry.gifYou know what? Scratch that. Rachtman was a dick. Curry gets the endorsement. AimeeC wants to know the all-important PB&J endorsements. Chunky or smooth peanut butter? Jif or Skippy? Grape or strawberry? Rectangles or triangles? The only PB&J sandwich I will ever endorse is my own: First, you have to use Wonder Bread. No other bread will do. One piece of bread should be spread with a thick layer of peanut butter - Skippy smooth style. Two teaspoons of Welch's grape jelly gets spread on the second piece. You spread it with a spoon, so the bread doesn't break. Then - and this is the imporant part - you slam one piece of the bread on top of the other. Yes, slam. Then you hold your palm down on the sandwich until the jelly is bleeding through the bread. Cut in two triangles and consume.


I'd value your thoughts on the following theological question, given the depth of your Catholic education and upbringing...

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

frankly, I'm stumped.

I was with you on the PBJ, (we won't bicker about smooth vs. chunky) right up to the point of cutting it into triangles. The ONLY proper way to prepare the sandwich for consumption is to manually remove the crust in one smooth stroke, without losing any of the white part. You then drop the crust, where it will be snapped up by the dog, and enjoy your treat. This, of course, assumes that you aren't one of those strange people, like my father, who believes that all of the vitamins float to the top during the baking process.

BTW, once executions become public events again, will you endorse hanging or crucifixion?

Wouldja believe that during the 12 or so years that I lived in Hell...er, I mean San Antonio, Texas, I never -- NOT ONCE -- saw Wonder Bread. I assumed, growing up all over the nation as a military brat, that Wonder Bread was the de-facto standard no matter where you found yourself...but not San Antonio.

Here in Montana, of course, Wonder Bread is available...thank goodness.

Ricki, may have been an arse, but he was the real deal as far as a host is concerned. After all the bloke owned (and may still) a rock club on the Sunset Strip.

Adam Curry was better looking, even guys knew that. But I am betting Ricki got laid a lot more often than Adam.

Yep, Ricki got laid more. But I made out like a bandit :)

Ho-leee sh*t! That last comment seems to be from the real Adam Curry (check the bio on his blog)! Maybe I'm being a little too credulous...

Wasn't there an on-air dustup between Curry and Richard Marx lo, these many years ago?

Yeah, Adam, its a case of quality over quantity I bet.

Chunky Skippy on whole wheat, with raspberry or blackberry preserves.

Grape jelly? Ew.