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Dennis Rodman, cricket, the evils of soda

[I am promising myself to write nothing serious tonight] C. Bassett asks about cricket and which team I will endorse - India or Pakistan. This blog endorses Pakistan. Take the over. Ellen asks the inevitable Coke v. Pepsi question. I don't make it a habit of endorsing sodas, as I thin carbonated beverages are evil. However, on the occasion that I do have soda (with pizza, or mixed with ice cream or rum) I endorse Coke. Pepsi tastes like medicine. Coke tastes less like medicine. Joe asks (in relation to something in the comments here) Pistons Rodman or Lakers Rodman?
Pistons rodpist.jpg Lakers rodman.jpg Without question, I endorse the Bad Boy Rodman of the Pistons over the Bizarre Boy Rodman of the Lakers.


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I have still to understand cricket completel., But, I have a "claim to fame" in that I played against some Brits in 1987.... at the North Pole. Fortunately, we didn't try keep score 'cause it takes a mathematian of Newton's stature to keep the game in your head.

But I do remember an "Over" which does not correspond with our base, greedy, American concept of Over/Under. If that type of betting exists on a Test Match, always bet on the Over.

OT, British submariners are crazy, they go "under the ice" without the ability to break through the ice! In order for them to surface we had to find an open water area at the North Pole so that we could guide them up.

Pistons Rodman, no question, when he wasn't calling attention to himself and he truly acted like a team player. The Pistons during the championship years were a glory to behold: there was only one player I would call great (Isiah) surrounded by an army of good players (Rodman, Salley, Dumars, Laimbeer, and Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson) - it was the combination that made them great. It was sort of the same thing Jordan did with the Bulls in subsequent years, only I think the Pistons had more overall talent.

Bulls Rodman

I agree, the only place sugared carbonated beverages belong is mixed with either ice cream or a liberal dose of liquor.