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more endorsements

Dave in Texas asks which pizza crust I endorse. stuffcrustpizza.jpg My endorsement goes to the stuffed crust pizza. Not chicken stuffed, not vegetable stuffed. Just plain, gooey cheese. Any other endorsement questions?


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Does it concern you at all that, at one time, Dennis Rodman also endorsed stuffed crust pizza?

as did Rush Limbaugh!

Does it concern you at all that at one time I endorsed Dennis Rodman?

India or Pakistan?

Surely everyone here has an interest in cricket.

Coke or Pepsi

Depends, Pistons Rodman or Lakers Rodman?

Assuming you watched Headbanger's Ball...
Rikki Rachtman or Adam Curry?

chunky or smooth peanut butter?

Jif or Skippy?

Grape or strawberry?

Rectangles or triangles?

No, no, no!

As a Long Islander you must endorse good old fashioned NY pizza, twirled by someone name Poppy, and made with a sauce from a family recipe and pizza dough you can use to later for zeppolies!

I haven't lived in New York for 15 years and I miss the real thing so bad!

Don't endorse some crappy Pizza Hut pizza! ;-)

I very much suggest trying home-made biscuit pizza made in a cast-iron skillet. :) Not only is it amazingly yummy, I think it's actually less work than going out to GET pizza....

Here's the link for the beaten biscuit recipie we use as the basis for this and many other things.

Goes to the printable version, of course.. :)

If any of you guys live in Ohio, I'm sure you've heard of "La Rosas?" Best pizza in the world. If any of you guys are ever going through Ohio, you have to try it.

Bob, your recipe just saved my butt.

Stuffed Crust pizza is so bad for you. I limit myself to eating it ONLY on Superbowl Sunday. By the time it gets a week before the superbowl, I am salivating in anticipation of getting to eat Stuffed Crust pizza.

If they sold JUST THE CRUST I would buy that instead of the pizza. Sigh another 11 months until I can have it again.