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for the record: my endorsements

Like Joe, I am going to use my blog to make some hearty endorsements in this, the season of endorsements. In the area of oatmeal, I endorse Quaker Oats Cinnamon Roll. It's like eating a cinnamon bun for breakfast, but with less guilt. In the area of coffee, I endorse Peets Kona, ground fresh each morning. In the area of books which I recently read, I endorse The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, which is quite unexplainable and features short works of Neil Gaiman and Cory Doctorow, among many others. In the area of video games, I endorse Prince of Persia for the GameCube. It's the hardest game I ever played, it's frustrating and it's nearly impossible to pull off some of the necessary moves, but damn is it pretty. In the area of tampons, I endorse Tampax Pearl. They may not be flushable like other tampons, but neither do they leave me feeling like a just stuffed a piece of sandpaper in my vagina. In the area of shoes, I endorse orange Chucks, for all your orange alert needs. In the area of songs to drive to in warm weather, I endore Rancid's Vigilante's Sidekick. But I do not recommend singing it too loud if your windows are open. We all know what could happen with that. In the area of people who take themselves too seriously but whom I adore anyhow, I endorse Morrissey. In the area of PMS, I endorse chocolate covered pretzels as the ultimate comfort food. Salt and chocolate. What more could a cranky girl want? And, last but not least, in the area people whose art you should buy, I endorse my husband, who is selling at Cafe Press for the moment. If you would like my endorsements in any other areas, just ask. I have special interests in every category out there.


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You might have better results singing along to "Beggar's Bush" by Flogging Molly.

Only one way to find out.

Never tried the Pearl. May have to give it a whirl!

And tomorrow...denouncements!

For some reason, I'm now thinking of this Homer Simpson quote: "I voted for Prell to go back to the old glass bottle. Then I became deeply cynical. (About voting.)"

Joe is easily the most brilliant blogger writing today.

Zazzle.com does poster prints, btw.

this would make the best meme ever.

I'm nominating this post for VH1's "Best Week Ever" show for this week. Can't wait to hear what Mo Rocca has to say about the sandpaper thing.

pizza crust preference?

When I played basketball in high school, we wore Orange Chuck Taylors. My favorite day of the season was when our shoe order arrived. I can still remember the new canvas and gum rubber smell. SNIFF...ah, it smells like sex....

Favorite foam contraceptive?