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say it ain't so

I'm so disappointed in Jason Giambi. Nothing else to say there. Looks like Bonds should familiarize himself with the word asterisk.


Any player that uses 'roids should be banned for life. I do not care if it means several hundred players. GET THEM OUT.


Roger Maris' record still stands.

Tacit tolerance for the use of any performance enhancing substances has to stop. We've all been ostriches with our heads in the sand - Giambi, Bonds, Sosa, McGwire - all of these guys have look(ed) like uber-bulked cartoon characters for years and have basically gotten a free ride. I care far less for the cheaters' long-term health than I do for what allowing this sort of endemic cheating does to those who won't cheat.

If players' associations want to stand in the way of preventing cheating, then maybe we need some federal legislation to mandate comprehensive, effective testing with severe penalties for violators. The owners are complicit in this ugly scenario as well - they're perfectly willing to trade away an effective testing program for reciprocal concessions from the unions.

If we don't get on top of this and start developing a high-tech testing program right now, the problem is only going to continue to mushroom until a "clean" player has no chance whatsoever.

All these steroid-using players should be ashamed of themselves. Look at the message it sends to children: Sell out, then illegally bulk up to sell out even more. Even Republicans have to see the wrong in this greedy shit.


Baseball? What is this baseball? All we have here is rum, windsurfers, dive gear, and fresh fish. Wish you were here, M ... lots of pictures to share. Blog you when we return (if we come back).

~A & K

You're disappointed, but are you honestly surprised? The guy looked like an inflatable Superman toy just before it goes POP! And I adored reading about Sheffield's lawyer's defense, that he did not "knowingly" take illegal steroids--what'd he think it was he was injecting, heroin? monkey urine?

Bush needs to say to the MLBPA--you clean this up, or we're revoking the little monopoly that keeps your house of cards standing.

On the plus side--where are the Red Sox players in this story? That's right, Yankees fan, your bad karma is coming home to roost. See ya in the bleachers (which is all I can afford because of jerks like A-Rod and, alas, Manny).

I can't say that I'm shocked. I suspect there's going to be a world of hurt in baseball this season.

Care to elaborate? Hurt for who? The players on steroids? Yup. Players who stayed clean? Nah. Fans who willed themselves to "believe" despite everything? Perhaps (but feeling sorry for them is like feeling sorry for Al Qaeda's multitudinous Muslim cheerleaders--everybody rooting for the wrong team gets theirs sooner or later). Fans who screamed at the tv everytime a steroid-laced baboon swung for the rafters (and all too often hit the target)? No way. We're riding the self-righteous express straight to the playoffs. As my son says, "Yankees are going to cry like babies. Waah. Waah." (okay, so he's only four--wit comes later).

No tax cuts for the roid users.

"I'm shocked Rick, shocked, to find out there is gambling going on in this club"!

If you think they're injecting, you're haven't been paying attention. The stuff they've been talking about is a cream.

Unless someone steps forward and says that they've witnessed some of these athletes actually using the steroids (very unlikely), then you will never know for sure. The feds gave all the atheletes immunity for talking to the grand jury. There is nothing to be gained by the trainer (Anderson) spilling the beans. The players would be committing career (and endorsement) suicide by admitting it.

You will have rumors and innuendo for years to come, but there will never be any proof.

Anderson will take the fall, spend some time in jail and, in a few years, be working for his childhood friend (after he retires) in some capacity.

I wonder why we only hear about superstars taking steroids? Wouldn't fringe players have more incentive to take steroids to gain an edge and just make the roster. Then they get MLBPA money, pension and a higher salary then if they stay in the minors.

"Hurt for who? The players on steroids? Yup."

The toothless, anonymous program being implemented this year is a complete joke. Unless there's a drastic change, the cheaters have absolutely no reason to stop cheating.

Pete Rose can't be allowed in the Hall of Fame, but Mark McGwire is going on the ballot in two years. If there is anything remotely resembling justice, he'll get zero votes. All anyone needs to do is look at all these guys' rookie cards, then look at them now. There isn't a weight training program on the planet that returns those kinds of results without 'rhoids in the mix.

Oh heaven help me. Now that I'm living on the east coast I'm actually recognizing some of these names. I used to know some WI sports stuff by accident, but I just can't escape here! I'm surrounded by Red Sox fans at work and a sports anchor who likes the Yankees so they argue about it all the time. Help!

All anyone needs to do is look at all these guys' rookie cards, then look at them now.

Mark McGwire's last listed weight was 6'5" and 250 pounds. He looked like a tight end such as:
Todd Heap
Jeremy Shockey
Tony Gonzalez

It amazing that they're all the same size as Mark McGwire and they didn't take steroids.

Yep there's no way a 6'5" baseball player could weight train enough without steroids to be the size of an NFL tight end. And we know that football players don't do steroids since they're tested for it.