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calm before the storm

I have so much on my mind today, so many things I want to write about. Heavy issues, divisive issues, controversial issues. Same shit, different day. But hey, let's not get all bogged down in a pile of steaming shit this early in the morning. Instead, let's all bitch at Mikey for sending me a link to this movie quiz, which has given me a headache at 7am and which will nag at me all day as I try to get all the answers because the author of the quiz does not give you the answers. So, the Movie Alphabet Game. Don't blame me for your frustration, blame him. One more thing before I go - I've been meaning to type these words for a week or so now: Aaron rocks. He just does. He's all class. Ok, one more thing: Open discussion at Command Post about who Kerry will choose as his running mate. Some people are whispering those two dreaded words: Bill Clinton. Update: And just to really screw with your head today, there's a part 2 to the movie quiz.


I know. I've only managed to get 16 of them right so far. Bastard; give the answers already!

Clinton? Dreaded?


Besides, he can't be Veep. He is allowed to serve ten total years as President, including two elected terms. I could be wrong -- I have been before -- but I believe he can't do it, by law.

Bzzt. Tell the paranoid ones to find another target. Hell, they should be worried about Clinton taking over for Annan at the UN, which was something I heard last year. I bet that would send the Right into a major tizzy, eh wot?

Its the master plan. Clinton as VP and then Kerry steps down...mmmhhhaa

He could be VP....nothing stops that.

Dell may be right... the wording of Amend. XXII use the term "elected to the office of the President" so technically he could serve as President according to Section 1 of Amend. XXV.

This would be really interesting if someone sued to the Supreme Court 'cus the Conservatives/Strict Constitutionists would have to say that Clinton CAN be the VP candidate and the Liberals/Constitional Interpretist (just made up a new word) would have to say that the INTENTION of the 22nd was to prevent something like this.

Damn you...only 14 right so far...how am I supposed to get any work done today?

I honestly can't imagine any former president agreeing to be a VP. The loss of status would be indescribable in terms of fundraising.

Dell is probably right. The amendment, if memory serves, bans only consecutive terms.

Back in the 40's nobody ever assumed that a 40-something would be elected president.

Sorry Mike, but there is no language about consecutive terms in that amendment; it was Clinton and/or Clinton operatives that suggested that the ammendment SHOULD be changed to reflect that language

Bill Clinton....

Cool.. Maybe he will be the first vice president to blow the president.

Anything else to make this county to lose any more foolish?

Bill Clinton....

Cool.. Maybe he will be the first vice president to blow the president.

Anything else to make this county look more foolish?

Bahhh.. Give me Edit..

The Command Post's own Billy Beck rides to the rescue, pointing out that while the 22nd amendment does not prevent Clinton from being elected vice president, the last line of the 12th amendment does:

"But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

The author of the Movie Alphabet quiz is evil. Not only did he fail to provide the answers, he didn't bother mentioning that the letter doesn't necessarily belong to the first word of the movie title, either - something I discovered when I just knew that the "W" clue had to match the answer "Pretty Woman". Maybe he slipped it in a "Woman, Pretty".

And for those of you bemoaning the fact that you've only gotten 15 or more correct so far....I've only gotten 10. That's 10. TEN.

I suck. I'm frustrated. And now I want chocolate-covered pretzels and I don't have an excuse like PMS, either. I'm just in dire need of comfort....though I do admit that Billy Beck's post about the ineligiliby of Bill to the V.P. slot is a comfort all by itself.

Trish, the letter can come from any part of the title. I am missing E, K, N, P, S, U, V, X and Y still. But dammit, I swear I will finish it.

Different Bill:

P is the last letter of a title. S is the first. N is the last and will utterly snow you if you aren't of a certain age. You've got some that I don't know at all. E will probably piss you off.

I hate this guy, and I don't even know who he is. For those keeping score, I have 17 after three friggin' hours.

I gave up. I got K finally...Sean Connery is in it. But my whole day got shot with that thing. imdb.com is no help at all. And I know E is gonna piss me off because I can see it in my head. I'm sure I will be picked up at Blockbuster tomorrow, wandering the aisles mumbling.

Well, I have ALL but X and U. HaHAH! Aside from the fact that I can't possibly sleep until I get these last two, I feel much better about myself and the world in general.

I need more coffee.