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my mom rocks

My mother has worked at the library for 20 years. For the past two years, she has been complaining, rightfully (I worked there at one point too, so I know) about the bad management and other horrid work conditions. She was planning on retiring in May, but it looks like it may not even come to that. My mom is one of those people who is indespensible to their workplace, but is treated like a third class citizen because she isn't full time, nor is she a librarian. She's just the peon that helps the patrons, keeps the entire children's room organized, decorates for all the special programs, mans the department while the rest of the staff is in the office gossiping and keeps the charming little children from wrecking the joint when their wonderful parents leave them alone in the children's room while they go browse for romance novels. They expect her to be everything and pay her like she does nothing. The proverbial straw and camel made an appearance today and my mother walked out of her job. She told her boss that she was leaving for the day and she probably won't show up the rest of the week and maybe, just maybe, she would be in Monday. Her boss told her she was scheduled to work this Sunday. She said she'll think about it, but it's not likely she'll be there. And she walked. She called me when she got home and I swear, she was giggling she was excited that she finally had the balls to do what she has wanted to do for years. The patrons of the children's room are going to be in an uproar when they find out because my mother was the only one who ever treated them with respect or gave them the help they needed. The kids love her, the parents depend on her. And now the rest of the masters-holding, stuffed-head staff has to deal with the stuff they were supposed to deal with all this time, without my having my mother to dump their dirty work on. Tough shit, ain't it? I'm so damn proud of my mother today.


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Go Mom! I remember doing that at one job a long time ago. I was broke for a while but it was soooo worth it.

wh-wh-what? oh. so that's where i get it from!

Your mom should have said, "I'll think about it. Pause, pause, pause. Ok, I've thought about it. I won't be in on Sunday. I guess you'll have to fill in for me."

Way to go mom! Some days I wish I could do the same thing here... ;)

Way to go!! That is such a good move for her to make! Send our congrats her way for us! :)

"Michele's Mom Shrugged"

Hurrah! Congrats to your mom for doing something most of us don't have the guts to do when we're in a place where we're not appreciated. Good for her- that's so awesome.

Go Mom! It's a shame it had to come to that. Good library workers are few and far between. She deserves to work in a place that respects her and treats her accordingly (not to mention pays her accordingly). Good for her.

Way to go, Mom!! Let's see the library hire some teenager for the same crappy pay (or less) and see how well that works out. If the teens are anything like those working in the library in my town, they don't care about much about anything, not even putting the authors' names in alphabetical order!!!. A conscentious worker is worth their weight in gold, and the kids sure aren't.


Kudos to your mother! I would love to a) see the rest of the library staff scramble to keep the place organized and b) hear the staffers say that they should've treated your mom a lot better.


Good she walked out. Hope it dosnt effect any retirement benefits she may have been entitled to.

3 to 1 higher mangement will not change and some other poor overworked person will fill in.

Hmmm - management that's convinced they're all geniuses and the people who do the actual work are all insignificant, interchangeable cogs... why does that sound familiar???

Three cheers for mom!