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There's something wrong with mail. It's developed a black hole or something, because people are yelling at me for not writing back to them when I know damn well I did. If you're waiting for a reply from me, rest assured that I did write back to you. Probably several novels worth of words, too. It's just stuck out there somewhere in the virtual world of lost emails and vanishing websites. I'm figuratively talking to everyone, but specifically talking to Choire, Dr. Frank, Allah and Russell. At least you guys didn't yell at me. Or maybe you all did get my emails and you're just ignoring me. [Insert shrug here]


Just so we know, can you post a list of people you ARE ignoring, so we don't keep false hope alive?

Domain mail or Yahoo mail?

I just replied to your email regarding the other post but realized you might not get it. Yes is the answer.

Wow, I just read we'll be able to access the internet thru our sockets and our energy companies will offer that service. For less than broadband.

I emailed but have deleted it.

6 word version: "Nice blog. Another adoptive parent here."

I e-mailed you the other day but it was a rather trivial subject. Didn't expect a reply...but if you did I didn't receive it.

(Actually I was CRUSHED but I'm putting on a brave face ;-)

This post reminds me of that Rumsfeld quote about the things we don't know we don't know.

Did you get my thank-you e-mail?