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a blogger's work is never done

Blogging will be light today - I'll get to it at some point, but right now I've got all I can handle over at Command Post. It's Super Tuesday (ok, Kind of Spiffy Tuesday) and there's lots of news from Haiti and Iraq, plus a speech by Bush. I usually depend on my partner Alan to divvy up the work, but Alan is SCUBA DIVING OFF THE COAST OF VENEZUELA, THANK YOU. Oops. Didn't mean to yell, there. Bastard. Lucky bastard. Eh, back to work.


Is that why you aren't present?

When isn't there a speech by Bush? every time he opens his mouth, the media is all over him. It's 24/7 cable news run amok. It never used to happen with any other president. 24/7 news sucks ass.

Need any help? Id be glad to give you a hand.