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He probably wears a Saints jersey

Keeping with the God theme - John Kerry isn't sure whether or not God is on the side of the U.S. in the war on terror. See, this is where the religion thing gets sticky. Every side wants to believe God is with them. The fact that we're all talking about different gods is just semantics. Basically, everyone thinks the force is with them. Which leads me to wonder; what if God took sides? Do you think he'd be a Yankees fan? Or would he root for the Angels? And maybe, just because God has a sense of irony, he would support the New Jersey Devils. Would he use AT&T or Sprint? Drink Coke or Pepsi? McDonald's or Burger King? Marvel or DC? Mac or PC? I'm thinking he'd choose a GameCube over the X-Box, but I bet he'd have a Sega Genesis tucked away somewhere. I imagine a heated converstation in which we battle over old school rap v. hip-hop. Would he choose Dr. Dre or Snoop? As for war, I don't think anyone should claim God's allegiance. I have a feeling he just sits on the sideline, watching his creations and wondering where he went wrong. He sorts them out later.


Edwards actually gave precisely the answer I was composing in my head as I listened to the debate, which was to quote Lincoln saying that his prayer wasn't that God be on our side, but that we be on God's side.

Was God East Coast or West Coast? Biggie or Tupac? The world may never know...

or maybe he's just sitting on the sidelines with a bag of popcorn waiting for the game to end.

They Islamists can have God on their side. I'll take the U.S. Marines.

I know for a FACT God is not a Yankees fan, because George Steinbrenner is the DEVIL. ;-)

Cubs fan.

We get credit in purgatory.

Which leads me to wonder; what if God took sides? Do you think he'd be a Yankees fan?


I'm gonna be really ticked if God's on the side of the French. :)

Aravis, history would certainly, fortunately, suggest otherwise. I mean, when your country's best generals were a foreigner and an illiterate 19-year old girl...

one thing's for damned sure - when God replaces the TP, he'll put the flap on the top.

those flap-underneath folks are devil worshippers.

Daniel and Mikey both have the right idea.

"In order to find his equal and Irishman is forced to talk to god."
-- Braveheart

The lord told me he is a Red Sox fan...
He also told me Leno sucks and that I should watch Letterman.

I always like to say, and this is stolen shamelessly from elsewhere, "God is in the tub right now."

I'll go with the person who isn't sure, because then I know he'll probably come down on the side of humans.

Unlike the Coup.

Which leads me to wonder; what if God took sides? Do you think he'd be a Yankees fan?

Seriously. No.

Oh, man, Yahweh is so obviously a Yankees fan I'm surprised anyone would even wonder.

Only an Old Testament God who would punish wrongdoing (ie, The Red Sox trading Ruth) unto the ''third or fourth generation'' could come up with creative punishment like that.

"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God's got a sick sense of humor."

So He's probably a Red Sox fan.

It's more like: He sits on the sidelines hoping people learn how to properly use their free will.

And He's a Yankee fan, of course.

TP flap on top? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Logic dictates the opposite (Heavy research has gone into this). Michele's right especially on this one, God is on the sidelines 'cus He and the angels don't need TP (gosh, it's like Mikey hasn't learned anything from Dogma )

Didn't y'all learn anything in Sunday School? God usually does sit on the sidelines (er... outside the foul line) normally, but every once in a while.... say 1969.

Sorry Michele and Lisa, God, is obviously a Mets fan.

DiMaggio thanked the Good Lord for making him a Yankee. I thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee fan -- just like him.

God is obviously a Pittsburg Steelers fan. Why do you think they dubbed it the "immaculate reception?"

Would he root for Notre Dame or Georgetown? Or perhaps Southern Methodist University?

God help us (pun intended) if he roots for Liberty University.

Sorry JFH, but God puts the flap on top. You can tell this for sure when you get the TP that has little flowers printed on it. When installed correctly (flap on top) the flowers are right side up. Incorrectly, they're upside down. Obviously God intended for flowers to go right side up, as that is how he made them in nature. Therefore, flap on top.

Reminds me of a joke from a comedian (I can't remember his name) a long while back where he remarked that after winning a big game, athletes always credit God, but none of the losers ever say anything like, "Yeah, we would have won--if Jesus hadn't made me fumble."

and when the saints go marching home, maybe He sits and smokes a bowl.

Ahhhh. A Bob Rivers fan!!

"What if God Smoked Cannibis
Do you spose he had a buzz
When He made the Platypus
When he created Earth our home?"


"God just keeps the box scores" - Fox Mulder. God's not on anyone's side. Edwards and the first poster had it right - It's up to us to be on His side.

Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh is on His own side.

He doesn't care what happens so long as the lauding and magnifying of His glorious name continues unabated.

Read your Bible/Torah/Quran and see for yourself.

Pray harder than the other side? So? As long as they're praying too the effect is cumulative.

I saw God this morning
Riding on a downtown train
I said 'Don't you have better things to do?'
He said 'If I did my job, what would you complain about?'

-- Some '90s band I don't remember

Bands name is Dogs Eye View