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No wonder I don't know any of those movies

Oh, the hell with these stuffy awards. Following are the best films I saw in 2003: The Return of the King Kill Bill Volume 1 Finding Nemo Big Fish School of Rock Pirates of the Caribbean Lost in LaMancha Cowboy BeBop Holes Bad Santa I guess I need to get out more. Is there anyone out there tonight or are you all having Oscar parties and ignoring the hard work that some people in the blog world are putting out just to entertain people who aren't even at their computers?


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Haven't looked at the Oscars once (okay, I peeked for a few seconds at Maria Menudos doing the red carpet pre-show, but other than that...)

I was going to watch the Oscars. But my tv is in another room, making commenting awkward, and besides, the only movie I saw last year was ROTK... and it occurred to me that I don't care about these award shows. I'll get the recap tomorrow anyway. Heck, tonight probably, somewhere.

watching and commenting - my wife noticed that renee zellweger looked cute from the front, but what the heck did she do with the back of her dress?!?

heck with the Oscars...I'm watching "Patton"

I'm out here. Talking to friends online, watching "Blade II" (having just watched "Wine Fundamentals" - I'm a diverse Netflixer, you see), and avoiding the Oscars.

I watched Holes the other night but couldn't really get into it. Not sure why. (shrug)

I watched the intro. The crushing of Michael Moore was guaranteed to be the highlight of the 4+ hours so I haven't bothered watching. I did catch Renee Z's speech. Boring but pleasant. What they need to have is a ticker along the bottom of the screen to let you know who won what already. If it was good enough for Sep. 11, it should be good enough for Oscar.

You know, QVC's "Bargain Shopper's Challenge" is highly underrated as a prime time programming event.

The Return of the King
Finding Nemo - DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - DVD

I think I saw 3 movies in theaters last year.

Just doing my taxes and checking in from time to time.

I'm actually liveblogging this dreary thing.

Cowboy Bebop was released in 2001, not 2003.

I didn't see Cowboy Bebop in the theater until 2003, Aravis. Maybe it had a limited run in '01, but I live in Atlanta, and doubt we would have been skipped in '01 had that been the case.

I don't see anything I strongly disagree with on your list, except that I think Lost In Translation is a great movie. I never have been able to work up much enthusiasm for any of Tolkien's stuff, but I am going to make an effort to see if I might have somehow overlooked something in LOTR...

Wow, you have five of my top ten, including the top four (Fish, LOTR, Kill Bill, School of Rock). Didja see "Capturing the Friedmans"?

Azrael, et al, Cowboy Bebop was first run in Japan - 2001, and later in festivals in the US in 2002, and eventually in 2003, first a limited release then later a full release. So we were all right.

I was too busy gettin' some.

We did take a break to watch the last 30 minutes, though.