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the real meaning of leap day

[This one is for my neighbors. And probably yours as well.] Hey guys? It's Leap Day. The gods of time and space have given you a surplus 24 hours in which to do something special. It's no coincidence that this day comes in February and not, say, August. The ancient gods knew what they were doing and you would be wise to use the extra day in the way which was orginally intended (just trust me on that, ok?): Go outside and take down your Christmas decorations. Thank you.


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Boris and I will be enjoying Central Park this afternoon. :)

heh - i just took down my wreath yesterday! didn't need that extra day after all!

I'm taking this extra 24 hours to get married. Eee!

Isn't this like some bonus Sadie Hawkins type day when the women get to ask men out or something?(the dreams I have...)

laughing uncontrollably hahaha.. take down Christmas decorations, ha ha hahaha..


looks in living room at still decorated Christmas tree


What was it someone was saying about Central Park?

Ooh, Michele, you cut to the quick......

Off to take the lights down....... (red face)...


HA! you are SO right. amen, sistah.

My neighbor planted small pine trees along his driveway, and lit them up with a metric assload of twinkle lights this Christmas.

They're still there :/

They still go on at dusk.

Good thing I use my telescope from the backyard (East facing), or I'd be knocking on their door about it.


I guess this includes the wreath on our front door.

I guess I'm the anal retentive type. My decorations come down Dec. 26th unless it is a snow storm. By that time, I'm sick of them.

Take them down? But I have to put them up again in just nine months!

It's still too muddy. Got most of them down yesterday.

Christmas? Nah. Probably should've taken down the Mardi Gras decorations this weekend though. Oh well.

Wow - I thought I was late and procrastinating when I took mine down the last weekend of January.

Dang! Do I still have time to put some up?

I can relate! the neighbor has his 180' driveway all lit up (on both sides), a fir tree done up in strings of Christmas lights and all sorts of other things that stay on all night to blind us anytime we look out a window on that side of our house (is that a run on sentence?).