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school daze

Because we are moving (to the next town over), my kids will be switching school districts come September. I was originally worried about this, as Nat will be attending the now infamous Mepham High School. Much like voting for a president, sometimes one has to decide which issues are the most important. Besides the logistics - not to mention the illegality - of keeping Nat in our school district, there's the matter of academics. It looks like we're getting the better end of the bargain in that area by sending her to Mepham (compare Mepham with EMHS). The deal with DJ is even better. Instead of going to middle school in September, like he would with our current district, he'll get another year of elementary school, which I think he could use. I've always been against sixth grade being part of middle school, anyhow. He gets to go to a school that parents rave about, he already knows a few kids there and - the best part - it's across the street from the new house. The only downside I can find is that the name of the school is Dinkelmeyer, which elicits giggles from the kids every time I say it. So, yea. I'm sure you were all very interested in this, but posting it here makes it easier when friends and relatives ask me why I'm doing a 180 on the school district thing. Copy, paste, email.


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Indirectly, doesn't that also solve the bully problem?

Absolutely, Lair. He'll never have to deal with that kid again.

Please tell me that Dinkelmeyer's first name was Richard.

Hopefully there are no Dinkelmeyers in your daughter's age range. "Mr & Mrs Dinkelmeyer"...

Does it say anything bad about me that it elicited a giggle from me when you wrote Dinkelmeyer?

Nothing solves bully problems like boxing lessons, though.

You said Dinkelmeyer.

Nat should be fine at Mepham. Just keep her off the football team at all costs. There is a bright side,though. As the entire Mepham football program appears to be gay, you don't have to worry about football players hitting on her.

The A/V team on the other hand.....

Dinkelmeyer? Wasn't he the co-host of American Idol?

I went to a K-6 elementary school, also. Then a 7-9 junior high, and a 10-12 high school (Ward Melville (which is not in Melville, just to confuse all of you)).

Almost had a heart attack - for a second, I thought EMHS stood for Elmont Memorial High School.