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and now for something completely different

Look ma, no controversy! I'm really working hard on this disco themed post I'm writing. So don't forget to help me. I'm also writing something lengthy about Jesus, but I don't think you can help me with this one. Unless you can raise Pilate from the dead so he can answer a few questions for me. Hey, get Herod over here while you're at it. Speaking of Jesus. Man, that was frightening. Someone should animate that with Flash and set it to music. I bet Quiznos would buy it and name a sandwich after it. We like the Dean... We like the Christ... Mel Gibson is teh suck.


Mel Gibson is teh suck.

Talking to Puce?

It's "teh s uck" Michele, "teh s uck."

Thank you

An indirect Catalanche?

Humble Socialist servant of the people is honored.

don't you look so surprised happy birthday fucker