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Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity

I leave you tonight with a song. Elvis C. - What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? (mp3) Those three things aren't just for tree-hugging hippies, you know.
As I walk through This wicked world Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself Is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred and misery? And each time I feel like this inside, There’s one thing I wanna know: What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? And as I walked on Through troubled times My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes So where are the strong And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony. ’Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry. What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? So where are the strong? And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony. ’Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry. What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?


Good question.

There's nothing funny about peace, love & understanding. It's just a that they are a dream. A good dream but, unfortunately, not one likely to come true any time soon.

If they aren't just for tree hugging hippies, why do I always get accused of being one if I dare mention any of the three?

Oh yeah. But it's just a Dream, just Wishful Thinking. Humans are incapable of actually manifesting them.

Conservatives seem to really hate the word "peace" as if it implies cowardice.
And no one wants to love or understand their enemies.

hey! i was just searching for pictures of Home Movies, and came across your site. i just thought it was so totally awesome that you "be back soon" pictured my hero, Brendon Small. Home Movies is such and awesome show.

No offense but...

How dare you quote such a great song when you are supporting a president who does nothing but create hatred in this world. See my post to you about your friend being upset at you:


Bush does ALL these things and you are pissing and moaning and feeling down about Peace, Love and Understanding???

I don't want to be mean to you, but it looks extremely hypocritical from here.

"So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?"

Bush has been caught in so many lies, no one in the world can trust him... he is not strong enough to admit when he is wrong, he is not strong enough to swallow his pride for the betterment of the AMerican people. He jsut keeps telling lie after lie, blatant lies at that.

"And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony."

Bush has done nothing but tell the world "It's my way and that's it! you are either for me or against me. We don't need a permissions slip to invade a country whether we have proof or not."

He has walked away from the discussion table without listening to the other side many, many times. He only listens to the people around him, he only gets his information from the people around him, he doesn't try to work with anyone, there is no compromise in the Bush white house.

All the things that create the lonely, despairing feelings of that song are created by the Bush dogma and his Administration.

If you want to know what's so funny about peace, love and understanding just look at all the things bush and his people have been doing and then you'll see how funny it all is. THEY will be more than willing to show you.

The humour lies in the fact that you can give a direct quote to Rumsfeld, take it right off a video tape, and he'll look you in the eye and deny he ever said it.

It's funny when Bush says he only gets his information from one source, the people around him, and only from those people, which worked so well for Micheal Jackson.

The ultimate funny is when he said in his State of the Union speech that he was going to fight gay marriage all the way to the constitution.. .and THEN says everyone has dignity and respect in the site of god.
It was THE most awkward applause ever! As people tried to figure out why he would want to not give the same right to American citizens if everyone has dignity and respect.

And don't forget the hillarity of his idea that working for McDonalds and then being able to label yourself as being in manufacturing. You can call yourself a factory worker, and say htings like "I'm off to the mill." No longer will fast food workers have to bare the shame of being in the service industry. Now they can unionize since they are manufacturers.

So Bush has all the funny...
Peace through war... based on false information...
Love through lying to the world and not giving rights to a third of Americans... making gays fel like second class citizens...
and Understanding by refusing to listen to the other side...

And you standing behind him no matter what.
THAT'S what's so funny 'bout it.

Just something for you to think about.
Hope you cheer up soon.
Take care
and have some fun.
good luck in wrapping your mind around it all. For the sake of America and your friendship I hope you wake up soon.

"All the things that create the lonely, despairing feelings of that song are created by the Bush dogma and his Administration."

All the things that are pitiful about saddoes like "P.J. Romero" are contained in that sentence quoted above. Man, you'd think Bush stole his stash or something.

Wow. Another person who feels like I do. We simply CANNOT sit and be nicey-nicey with those who want to kill us...so we have to vote for a man who pisses us off on lots of issues...and lose 'friends' over it. But they need to remember that Bush's America is still one in which we argue whether gay can marry, while the real enemies still kill gays with rocks. Take your choice. A vote for Kerry is more a vote for the Mullah Omars of the world than anything else. He'll simply pretend the war doesn't exist...but the bad guys won't. The Republicans who aren't thrilled with gay marriage, or who are willing to vote for a President who would ban it are far more committed to defending you and your rights than you know. We're not willing to surrender to Al-Queda to show W how mad we are at him. It might shock you to know that although I'm not too thrilled with gay marriage, I'd die to defend your right to BE openly gay, and if the law of the land says you can marry, I'll be there behind you.

Well gosh, Frank, why don't we just declare martial law and cancel the election, then?

Surely our continued existence as a nation is far too important to be left in the hands of people who are so benighted as to think that John Kerry would make a good President. Bush has to stay on the job forever -- our safety depends on it.

Thlayli...martial law will indeed be declared after the first US cities go up, or the first pox outbreak starts. And that's more likely under Kerry than Bush.

You people really don't get it, do you? Kerry has virtually promised to stop the war and turn our safety over to the UN, who so ably handled Srebrenica and East Timor. It's as if we were firing Roosevelt in 1942 (war going badly, isolationists saying I told you so, Axis on the rise, it's all his fault).

Personally, like Frank, I'm really pissed at GWB for a lot of reasons, but survival is indeed the first priority; we really need to stay the course right now. Al-Queda is praying for a Kerry victory, and we're about to hand it to them.

But it's ok, just pretend it won't happen and that the real threat is the Prez pushing an amendment that has no chance of becoming law. Just relax and say BUSHCHENEYOIL 500 times, meditate on your poster of Michael Moore and reality will go away.

Srebrenica, East Timor, and Rwanda. Can we prosecute the UN for malicious malpractice?

I gotta get a better radio.
All this time I thought the lyrics to that song were "What's so funny about a piece of mud that stands up."

Well, I don't treat Bush like he stole my stash, not at all, I watch, I read, I debate, I listen, and I weigh everything from both sides and then make my decisions while always allowing more information to come in with the promise of always swallowing my pride and admiting when I am wrong... then I reweigh everything with the new facts.

I treat Bush like he is a man who lies, is overly secretive yet thinks all Americans should just be willing to have their lives looked into at any time.
I treat him like he has never done anything good in his entire life (Texas some of the worst education, pollution, and legal systems in the country) like he's an idiot who can't stop using "is" when it should be "are" and "are" when it should be "is". I treat him like a man who says one thing, promises another, and then does the exact opposite and no one ever calls him on it. I treat him like a man who would buy a business, get the people to pay for a new place for his business and then pocket all the money for himself. I treat him like a man who has never been honest and has never had a solid reason for anything he has ever done or believed in.

Why would the terrorists want Kerry when Bush will help them destroy America so much easier?
kerry actually wants to track them down and bring them to justice... without killing innocent civilians. Pretty unAmerican, huh?

And besides, he still has the Republican house and senate to go through, he will hardly be given free reign - and he shouldn't be given free reign. And he still has people like a lot of you who want blood for revenge that he will have to appease, plus he's a war hawk at heart. But kerry will bring other countries back on our side and help bring back a trust in America.

What about all the things the Bush Admin is doing to hurt this country from the inside?

Raising pollution levels, allowing sludge dumping into rivers, bringing in people to change the results of twenty year studies that he doesn't agree with.

You would rather have a man who is more interested in gay marriage and steroids in pro sports than in who leaked the information of a CIA operative??? Who isn't interested in helping the victims of 9-11 and their families by getting to the truth?

You would rather have a man who wants to reclassify fastfood as manufacturing? Reclassify some large companies as small companies so they can get around laws easier?

You would rather have an administration who boldly tell people they never said the things they are quoted as saying? Things they said that are on video tape? And yet they tell the American people... no, they LIE to the American people by not answering the question and saying they "never said that."

You would rather have a man who thinks inspectors were never allowed into iraq? They were there you know, for four months before the war. A statement he has made at least twice, once in July 2003, and oncein January 2004!!!

You would rather have a man who only gets his information from the people around him like a puppet?

You would rather have a man who won't answer questions for a committee trying to find the answers to 9-11 so that it never happens again?

You would rather have a man who says he's for "no child left behind" and national security but then keeps cutting their funding year after year?

You would rather have a man who thinks it's a good idea to just let all the illegal aliens come into this country and become citizens? Without stopping the new ones coming in? How many mexicans are going to try to get over here now so they can be here if and when the law goes into effect? It's a great and easy way to circumvent the laws.

How about his constant belief that everything he does he does in the name of the lord? and possibly even that god told him too??? (reported by Isreali newspapers, I don't know that i would totally believe them, but he has made other references that doesn't automatically dismiss this notion)

You would rather have a man who has been wrong about everything he has ever told the American people? Such as "they'll love us for invading their country", "we don't need an exit stragety because they will welcome us with open arms" "we don't need any proof to invade a country" "he's a bad man who gassed his own people (not telling people that was in the eighties and a lot of the same people in the white house today are the same people who did business deal with saddam then)" "give the rich even more money will help out the middle class" "the war is over!" etc etc etc

Who keeps repeating lies like a connection between saddam and al qeida, and that we had found WMD when really it was just a helium truck and poor quality aluminum rods. And like I said lies (or just pure ineptness and stupidity) like the inspectors were never allowed into Iraq.

You would rather have a President who isn't man enough to admit that even though he scored the lowest minimum score on the Air Guard test he was still allowed to jump over 500 men? He isn't even man enough to pull out the old "youthful indescretions" bit when this would have been the perfect use for it.

He's an idiot (barely c studet who hates to read) who has never shown any ability to think for himself (he needs people around him to just give him the high points) or to weigh the facts before deciding anything (he only knows what people tell him, he could never say for sure if they are right or not... just that that's what his people told him. whether they are right or wrong or telling him the truth or what THEY want him to believe Bush would never even realise it), he only gets his information from one source - the people around him who are yes men and have shady pasts (but hey! It works so well for Micheal Jackson, right?), he hasn't kept any campaign promises, he can't remember anything he's done or said, he isn't willing to compromise at all which means he's going to do what he wants regardless of whether he is right or wrong or whether it will actually help or hurt things... he's going to just plow ahead and damn the consequences), he can't formulate a thought unless he can just read it from a teleprompter, he has said he doesn't like to read, he has admitted he's not a long term thinker, he has said straight forward he doesn't care about Americans when they protest (he doesn't care about anyone who disagrees with him, so how can he know if he is missing anything important or not to make a real thoughtful and proper decision?), he has told the world he doesn't care what they think "we will never need a permission slip..."), he never gives all the facts or figures when he tries to sell his proposals (he tells(promises) congress the numbers will be under a certain amount but then afterwards he pulls out the real numbers which are much higher), he ran on giving more rights and power to the states but the first thing he did is run to the FEDERAL supreme court for the election problem, he has not given any power to any states except the power to front the bill for something he is forcing them to do (such as no child left behind, federal roads, gay rights, marijuana laws, patriot act laws that violate civil rights, you know anti-constitutional stuff like that.)

If the economy and unemployment are so good and getting better than why... a)...is the dollar at such a low? b)...are they freaking out about getting rid of social security? The economy is getting better right? So there should be plenty of money for social security, right? Bush will cut the deficit in half in five years, isn't he? c)...does he feel the need to reclassify things to make his record look better? d)...does he want to allow illegal aliens into the country to get their tax money? I thought his letting all the wealthy people keep their money was working? Isn't it? Won't it? Who'd a thunk that letting the greediest people who hord their money KEEP all the money would keep it from trickling down to the other people in the country? Strange, huh?

Need I go on?

I don't just Hate Bush because he "stole my stash".

I dislike the ideas, plans, and concepts he tries to force upon us, and I am irked that he never tells the truth, or any reasons, and that he hides everything he does from the American public and congress and the senate.

And I get very upset that the main stream media hasn't stood up for the American citizens and asked the questions that needed to be asked so we know enough to vote properly for the proper man. The press could be asking questions that would give us answers so there wouldn't be a need to wonder about these politicians.
Things like "why do you think Iraq is a threat when UNSCOM and U.S. Intelligence in 2001 has already confirmed that OPERATION: Desert Fox was a success and Iraq is no longer a threat to his neighbors or the world?" and "Why do you keep saying Saddam never let the Inspectors in? What do you mean by that?" and "If oyu knew EXACTLY where the MWD were why didn't the military go there first and secure them and prove your intelligence was right?" or mroe recently, no one is asking "What makes Saddam a bad man and athreat TODAY?" or how about "WHY would letting gays get married ruin the sanctity of marriage? And WHAT IS the sanctity of marriage? What is your prediction or expectations if gays are allowed to get married? What is the worst case scenerio?" All he ever does is repeat what he believes over and over again but never explains any of it.

IS THAT the kind of man that makes a good leader?
IS THAT the kind of person you would trust as a partner or to run your business? Not forgetting his own oil company went bankrupt twice and he was still able to walk about with hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is nothing that Bush has done or is doing that shows he is presidential material. He crumbles under the tough questions, he never gives any reasons for the things he does or wants to do, he expects everyone to just do what he says without questioning it, he lets HIS religious beliefs influence how he wants US and the world to be and who he deems as good people and bad people.

I have facts and reasons for my dislike of him as President... what have you got to show me that he is a good President?

And by the way, I don't think Kerry is the best man for the job either. But I think there should be checks and balances, one party should have control of at least one of the three parts of legislating. If the house and senate were democratic I would want a republican or independant president. to keep a balance that would keep the crazy extreme policies out of the books.

So you see, voting for Bush just because you THINK he is fighting terrorism is not looking at the big picture. Everything he does shows he is out of touch with reality, he has no concept of how to deal with the world, how to make friends instead of enemies to fight terrorism. He just thinks might makes right and the man with the biggest army is always right.

And he has NEVER told us HOW the world is safer now than before we invaded Iraq without any proof to justify invading it. I thought that in America we believe in innocent until proven guilty, that we don't just crash into places like the gestapo but that we actually make sure that there is very little or no doubt that we are the good guys. Especially in something like invading a country were innocent civilians we are trying to liberate are getting killed in a 25 iraqi to 1 American ratio. And don't forget the depleted uranium that is still killing and deforming the Iraqis and the American soldiers.

You act like Bush walks on water but if all of Clinton's life and action could be judged on him being unfaithful to his wife, then Bush's ability to defend us from terrorists can be judged on how he handles everything else... and that would be very badly, without reason, and without input or compromise from other people and their views.

Are THOSE enough for you? Or do you not care about America or it's citizens enough, or the world for that matter, to even consider the possiblity that Bush isn't a very good president to be leading a country during a very unstable time?
Do you put party politics above your own nation and it's citizens? Do you refuse to thin kand consider the facts so you can help America or is only about your pride and the republican party above everything?

I am more than willing to hear and consider any facts and reasonings you have. I want to find the truth so things can get better... even if that means admitting how wrong I might be. But I'm not, I get my facts from more than two sources on any subject, I consider the sources, I look at things with logic, fairness and compassion to make a well informed and pragmatic decision on my views.

And then I trust that other people do to.

Again... make a clear and rational point of view and I will always give it equal consideration.

But I have yet to hear one. Much like why gays shouldn't get married... "it'll ruin the sanctity of mariage", why? why will it? what is it that will hurt marriage i nany way? "it jsut will, it will ruin the sanctity of marriage", you said that, but WHY? "Because gays are perverts, and it's bad, and it'll ruin the sanctity of marriage, marriage is between a man and a woman." And blacks used to be in chains, what's your point? WHY and HOW will it effect anything? All I want to know is the reasons and reasonings behind your views on anything you want to push through. That's all.

If you are right, if you truely believe it and have no trouble believing it you should be able to explain the whys and hows of the things you truely believe in. And if it's jsut your belief then I'm sorry, this is America and your beliefs are not my beliefs and you are not allowing me to have the freedoms I am guarenteed under the contitution, "All men are created equal... life liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

ok, your turn.

Peej, once again:



Didn't read.

Holy Crap P.J ----> Even I couldn't sit through that rant! I thought I was long-winded!

Anyway. To Frank, Walter and others who feel the same:

I wonder if you realize how you tend to contradict yourselves while defending Dubya. Over and over again I hear Bushites mention al Quaeda and Iraq in the same breath. I hear 9/11 references over and over again in regard to Iraq.

The only connection 9/11 has with our invasion of Iraq is that the former is the excuse Bush used for the latter. And for the record, Hussein's regime is exactly the type of system that bin Laden organized al Quaeda to rebel against. He hated Hussein. Why would they work together? The only reason al Quaeda is showing up in Iraq now is because there are American Targets of Opportunity there. The Billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives that have been spent in Iraq over the past year would have been much better spent in the original "Operation Enduring Freedom". That war is still being fought, but at a drastically reduced level. Reduced to the point that the Taliban is reestablishing itself and al Quaeda is restructuring as well.
Before you say it, I'll mention it for you. Hussein is out of power. Bully for you. Bin Laden is the fucker who attacked us on our own soil. Hussein was a blow-hard piece of shit who was on a slow descent into oblivion. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled the Butcher of Baghdad is gone. Unfortunately, Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/Powell had a half-assed post-war plan that is now falling apart like a house of cards. The rosy picture they drew for us a year ago is smearing like watercolors in the rain. And in the meantime, the real threat continues to grow.
Not that our troops aren't fighting the good fight in Afghanistan.... they're doing great considering their role as the red-headed

To Frank specifically: You made a specific point in a previous post to mention that many Republicans will defend to the death a Democrat's right to disagree (or something to that effect, obviously I'm paraphrasing here). Even though I'm registered as an Independent, I usually vote Democrat, so I'd like to reply in kind.

I, along with most of America (regardless of political affiliation) still long for revenge against the hateful attack that was 9/11. The thing is... I want to avenge our citizens by killing the REAL enemy, not a symbolic one. Hussein is a bastard, a tyrant, a mass murderer and an all-around piece of shit. There is no DOUBT that the world is a better place with him out of power. The problem is.... he's not the fucker who crashed planes into the populace of our country. THAT distinction goes to bin Laden and our efforts to track him down have been half-hearted at best. I am a Patriot. I love my country and am proud that our military is not only the worlds strongest, but is a completely voluntary force. What pisses me off is that 500 of those volunteers have given their lives in the wrong war.
I may be a liberal, but my heart isn't bleeding to the point that I expect war to be pretty. I don't expect our side to return unscathed, and I'm not naive enough to expect zero civilian casualties in the invaded country. As a matter of fact, I could pretty much care less how many innocents have to die to get rid of al Quaeda. The problem is, too many innocents and too many American troops have died in Iraq. A country that beared the close scrutiny and harsh sanctions that were imposed before Bush II invaded. Those sanctions were working. We know that now. The sooner folks like you realize the mistake, the better.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm not affiliated with either Republican nor Democratic doctrine. I just don't see how someone could continue to make excuses for an Administration with such a piss-poor track record. I understand your continued support. To you there's no other choice, you'd rather go down with the ship than admit to being wrong. I can respect that. But to keep regurgitating the same rhetoric over and over again says to me you either don't pay attention to reality, or your political party affiliation is more important to you than the security of your country, which is obviously not true.

The invasion of Iraq was poorly timed, but well executed (by our troops). It was based in Dubya's personal vengeance, but couched in Patriotism. It stole resources and funding from the Just war against our attackers, but made just enough progress for his supporters to stick with him.

Just once I'd like to hear a Republican say "Dang, he really screwed the pooch this time."
Nobody is infallible, why do you all pretend that Dubya and his cronies are? They fucked up, pure and simple. The sooner they own up to it the better off we'll be.

You know what else? If I took John Kerry, removed the Democrat label and slapped on a GOP button -- he'd be your golden-boy. Stop shaking your head, you know it's true.

Stop with the partisan bullshit and start looking at what's best for the country. Look around you. Research the archives on the White House website. Read the PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" report from 1992. It's the supporting document of the Bush Doctrine. If you can look at all the information with an unbiased eye, you will begin to see that well-written speeches and big explosions don't create stability or safety.

Vote for whoever you want, I'm not here to sell you on a candidate. All I'm saying is, stop being Dubya's voice just because you're a Republican. If you want him to stay in office at least be willing to say "He lied. He's a liar and he fucked up pretty bad. He's sending our economy into a deficit the likes of which we've never seen. But dammit, I like the guy."

I gotta say, for a group of people who made such a big to-do about Clinton lying about a blowjob, you folks are sure doing a great job of down-playing Bush's life-taking lies.

***First time posting. Allowed to be long. LOL***