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The woman who died while viewing The Passion of the Christ worked for Clear Channel! Eh, make up your own conspiracy/religious theory. I'm drawing a blank. via Gawker


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It seems that in Wichita, Kansas a woman viewin' The Passon of the Christ actually went into a seizure durin' the crucifixion scene and later died. Now if this woman is resurrected and appears on Nationwide TV in the next... [Read More]


How long must we wait before this movie kills again?

So she was listening to Howard Stern on headphones when it happened?

I'm advocating federally mandated EKG checks for persons over the age of 40 before attending R-rated films with violent content. Dog-gonnit, there oughta be a law!!

I can't even wrap my mind around that. Has anyone ever actually died from watching a movie? Is the film that bad? Now they'll ALL want to die from watching it.

Mel Gibson is going to put on his po-face about this, but right now he's sitting in a vault somewhere throwing handfulls of bank notes into the air and cackling like a hyaena as they shower down around his head.


I'm guessing the lady was in an advanced stage of sensory or entertainment deprivation from listening to too much ClearChannel content. The shock of seeing something potentially exciting and entertaining caused a massive coronary.

I'm just wondering how a person could weave the KAKE TV in to the whole conspiracy thingy....too much cholesteral? Might want to factor in a bit to low carb mania....

On the sober side...rest in peace Ms. Scott.

What does any of this have to do with a (Norwegian, weren't they?) one-hit wonder from the 80's?

I'm guessing she had some sort of ailment, and died, as all too many people do, at an inopportune moment.

As for A-ha! -- they were hokey, it was true, but I did get dragged by a friend who was a fan to see them live, and had an unexpectedly good time. They were good looking and sang well and seemed genuinely glad to be in front of a paying audience. It was unexpectedly refreshing after my usual fare of frowning goth-rock bands. Also, "The Sun Always Shines On TV" is a minor masterpiece.

A-Ha were not one-hit wonders. Their biggest hit was 'Take on Me", however they had a hit with a bond-theme 'The Living Daylights' and a least one other song of their bothered the top 20. They are still going strong and I believe have a new album on the way. Their lead singer also co-hosted the Eurovision song contest one year when it took place in Norway.