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first there was 2/26

On February 26, 1993 the war against America went into full swing. Ramzi Ahmed Yousef entered the United States with a false Iraqi passport in 1992. Yousef and others built a complex bomb with materials on which they spent a total of $300.00 The bomb was planted in a car with the help of Yousef's accomplices. At 12:18 p.m., the bomb exploded underneath the World Trade Center. Six people were killed. Thousands were injured. Yousef escaped to Pakistan shortly after the bomb went off. He was arrested two years later in Pakistan and in 1998 was sentenced to 240 years in prison. John DiGiovanni, Bob Kirkpatrick, Steven Knapp, Bill Macko, Wilfred Mercado and Monica Rodriguez Smith all died eleven years ago today by the hands of terrorists. In the wake of 9/11, their deaths became a footnote in history. Please don't forget them. We must never forget; not this one, not the USS Cole or the Khobar towers or the bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, not 9/11. Don't forget them.


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Thank you reminding me od a perspective on this that is lost on virtually everyone.This war officially started then,not in 2001.

No one believed that this would really happen - everyone thought that this was just some little offshoot group. Until 9/11.

I, for one, worked for three years in a Wall St. office, where one day we couldn't come in the back door for a while - we were told it was because of terrorist threats - no one believed it. We learned that lesson.

I remember being in high school physics class when this happened. The girl sitting behind me was called to the office over the loudspeaker, and when she came back all teary-eyed, we all wondered what happened. Her father worked in the building, but was apparently okay - at the time we didn't all have cell phones and pagers and whatnot, so she was in class the rest of the period not knowing how big or small of a deal this was.

Thanks for posting about it.

Amen to that... and notice, it was an Iraqi passport- but what did Iraq ever do to us?

We are 11 years into WWIV.

25 years, Wingnut, or does attacking and taking our embassy in Teheran not count as an act of war?

You got me there. I wish we would have treated it as such. Apply that sentiment to every attack leading up to 9/11/01.

I'm with Michele on the single issue vote here. I don't want to go back to treating such attacks as the actions of individual criminals.

I might include Tehran, and I'd definitely include the Marine barracks in Lebanon in '83.

I'd include Tehran, too. (I think that the crowd who goes all the way back to Sirhan Sirhan is stretching things just a bit, though.)

I'm just curious here, I don't get the whole one sided view. Are you saying we shouldn't forget them because they were wonderful people or we shouldn't forget them because it justifies our hatred for others?

Where would you fit in the things America did that made these people hate us?

Like doing terrorist acts against Iran and making it look like the communists so that the King would be kicked out and the Shaw put in?

Like Reagan's man Rumsfeld shaking hands and doing business with Saddam after and during he gassed his own people?
Like telling Saddam that we have no interest in whether he invades Kuwait or not, then attacking him and kicking his ass hard after he was willing to go through diplomatic channels to move out of kuwait?
How about using depleted uranium that will keep infecting people for centuries and causing deformities in new borns?
How about moving into the "holy land" of another country with our weapons and our culture? I'm sure that if another country moved their army into Washington D.C. or Graceland? I'm sure we wouldn't get angry like those silly Arabs did!
How about all the covert operations in South America? I'm sure all those deaths weren't nearly as important as 6 Americans.

Or is it only innocent Americans that we should be remembered and never forgotten when it comes to death?

But then if we never forget and use it to justify hatred towards others than it must also be justified for them to never forget and use it as hatred against... us... wait! That CAN'T be right!!! Can it?

Sheesh. Just when you start talking about the injustices done by other people and the reasons to be angry it winds up biting you in the backside. Who'd a thunk hatred breeds hatred?

Since the only weapons they have to use isn't a huge rich military but cheap terroristic tactics. Thousands of death by a super strong military isn't nearly as bad as a few hundred American deaths in roughly ten years.

Silly liberals!!! Might makes right and Americans are the only important people in the world.
Never forget "the World Trade Center Six"!!!
Never forget "the World Trade Center Six"!!!
Never forget "the World Trade Center Six"!!!
Never forget "the World Trade Center Six"!!!
Never forget "the World Trade Center Six"!!!
And never forget all those Americans killed by drunk drivers!!!
And never forget all those poor children who die from aspirin!!!
And never forget all those people who die from... well forget them, they were just stupid. They were asking to die.

I hate it when foreigners call Americans egotistical! As if anyone in any other country could ever imagine the kind of terrorism WE have gone through throughout the decades!
Idiots! What do they know about it?
U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!!

So should we not forget them because they were great people who died much like all the people who die being shot or killed by American robbers, thieves, murderers, angry lovers, incompetent manufacturers, pollution by greedy corporations, or any other form of being killed by people who don't care about other people?

Or should we not forget because it gives us a reason to forget the bad things done by America and blame others so it's easier to hate our enemies?

Either way is ok. I just want to know the right reason for it so I can tell my liberal friends to shut up and start loving America or else!


Of course, I was just making a point in my over the top kind of way.

I think it's more up to the people who knew them to not forget them.

Plenty of people die unnecessarily
because of other people. It's a tragedy of course, but no more than anyone else in the world or this nation being killed, and plenty of them were killed with less reasoning behind it. How many men, women and children been killed simply because of a bad combination of alcohol and guns? To the people trying to bomb us because of the things America has done over seas it makes a lot more sense. At least there is a reasoning behind the bombing whether you agree or disagree, whether it's right or wrong... at least there is a reason behind it that can be addressed and possibly changed if people would be willing to look at it. Compared to a gun going off, or some crazy lunatic does something to your child. Like that girl in Florida. Some guy just grabs her and kills her. Is that any better because it was an American on American crime? And if he had killed five others it would be the same number as the 93 bombing.

Maybe it's best not to think about it too much.

It sounds horrible because these people died from a bomb by forgeiners, but what makes that any worse than anyone else? And I mean that as a serious question. What makes their deaths so much worse or more important? And no Anti-Americanism meant by that question. I only mean it in a pragmatic point of view.

Thanks for putting that up, Michele. The liberals still say its our fault. I still here people say that those planes were empty and remote controlled. Tell that to the people who were on those planes and got killed. Tell that to the people who were killed in the first World Trade Center Attack.

I also did some suitable photoshopping, here.