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for the five of you reading who care

Attention West Coasters: American Idol spoiler below. (I'm so sorry, btsi)
Leah was totally ripped off. Chicks voted for John because he's cute. Girls are dumb. DUMB! Stop thinking with your hormones!


I 100% completely agree.

He was awful. I knew he was going to get voted in on his looks when the audience went crazy for him.

I liked Leah and Amy. Latoya had good carriage, but her voice is really screechy to me.

DAMMIT! It's only 6:45 here!!

Leah was robbed. I was certain that it was going to be her and LaToya.

The other girl (Amy?) has an OK voice, but she doesn't seem to have a lot of power, especially on the high notes. She goes into a falsetto.

I think it's a requirement that there has to be someone with pink hair in the final 12.

He sucked AND he is NOT cute!

Girls are dumb. DUMB! Stop thinking with your hormones!

Look, I admit to having those exact same thoughts myself in various situations, but really: Men never do that?

Yeah, that's why J-Lo can spend on one meal what I spend on monthly rent.

Actually, the big question around my house (among the XX people, that is, I really didn't know what they were talking about until they explained it) was "where's Donnie?". Donnie Williams was originally scheduled for next Tuesday's show but last night he wasn't listed in the crew for next week.

Seems that Sunday night, his friends threw him a party to celebrate his being on the show and around 2:00 in the morning he was picked up on a DUI having blown past a CHP officer at 100mph. What a shame to ruin an opportunity like that.

Yeah, Leah was robbed. She sang a more difficult song, and did a better job of it, than that Amy Adams chick. But if you dye your hair red, you can go places in this world.

well, it doesn't matter anyways... they both got the axe... for now. until the wildcard show.