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the answer

To the inadvertently unfinished post below is this: Full workouts, baby. For one glorious moment, everything is right with the world. No matter what the calendar or the weatherman says, spring has sprung for me.


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It's that time already?


GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smash that ball!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, was gonna bypass the Double-A season tickets this year, but the post and the picture just cost me a couple thousand bucks... Gee, thanks, Michele.

Yes, the boys of summer have returned and true spring must be around the corner. What a breath of fresh air. And now with A-Rod added to an already stellar line-up, I can't wait for opening day and that most expected call, "Play Ball!"

He looks like he lost weight...must just be good eating and exercise, not the lack of anything else.

Looks like he might have twisted that knee again. Just something to think about.

And yes I am going to H(clear channel interupts this post)

We're down here figuring out exactly which days we can take off work/skip school to take in spring training games. :D

Ya Bill, he does look a bit smaller. Hmmm...what could it be?


No doubt it was "Trimspa", not the lack of "vitamin supplements".