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SQoTD: Makin' out With Harley Quinn

That stands for Sporadic Question of the Day. Today's question comes from my buddy Todd. You didn't know I take request, did you? Well, I do*. Todd asks: If you were going to do the bump and grind with any cartoon character (past or present, male, female or animal), who would it be? And for the euphemism challenged, by bump and grind, I mean have sex with. And there's no need to put a disclaimer here about safe sex and all that because as far as I know, cartoon characters and human beings cannot reproduce together. Imagine that hybrid! Oh, just to make it more interesting, Jessica Rabbit is off limits. *If you'd like to pose a question for the SQoTD, just send me an email with said question


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Olive Oyl.

Thelma from Scooby Doo

Then I would be able to win alot of Bar bets...

Angela Spica, the Engineer from The Authority. Not that I've thought about this until you raised the question... really... stop looking at me like that.

Hey, you asked.

I'd do Meatwad! I mean, just think of how nasty that would be!

The skunk man, the skunk, Pepe Le Pew.

I would want to know Najica Hiiragi (from Najica Blitz Tactic) a whole lot better.

Michael, I believe Meatwad is underage. I think Frylock would be good in bed. I mean, he's got a lot of fries/appendages that one could use as....playthings.

I think you need sub-categories...

Overall: Red Hot Riding Hood

Supervillain: Catwoman

Superhero: Wonder Woman

Girl next door: Trixie from Speed Racer

If I were gay: Red Hot Riding Hood

Daisy Mae from Little Abner.
Although Brenda Star would be a close second.

Taarna the Defender (Heavy Metal)

Nova, from Star Blazers.

Jessica from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Hot, hot, hot...

I always wanted to do Speed Racer as a child . . . nowadays I think I'd rather have Boomhauer.

Melody, from "Josie and the Pussycats".

No Jessica huh? OK, I'll take Wonder Woman. She can even tie me up with that lasso.

Anna Nicole Smith is about as cartoonish as I could take.

Well, maybe Minerva Mink from "The Animaniacs."

Tank Girl...

maybe Lana Lang (from Action Stories)

Aeon Flux, or any character from a Michael Manning comic

Assuming they are of age, the Powder Puff girls. 3 chicks, 3 orif-whoops my bad!

Those whores in Apartment 3-G for sure.

Hanna-Barbara - Josie
Marvel - MJ (I stay away from chicks with super powers)
DC - Obviously, Catwoman
TV Disney - Kim Possible/Shego threesome
Movie Disney - Esmeralda
Archies - Old Sabrina or New Veronica
Classic - Betty Boop

I'd ring up Mr. Vargas.

Now that man had issues. One a month as I recall.

You know the waitress who brings the brontosaurus burger that tips over the Flintstones's car at the drive-in during the show's end credits? There's something mysterious about her that I'd like to know in a biblical sense.

You bring up the Animaniacs but don't mention Hello Nurse???

Anime - Shampoo & Akane (from Ranma 1/2) would be my ultimate tag-team fantasy.

Saturday Morning TV - Cheetara (Thundercats)

Animated Movie - Beldandy (Oh! My Goddess)

Comic Book - Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Spider-Man)

Oh, and currently I would SOoooo do Harley Quinn. I've even got a 12" porceline figure of her in my curio cabinet...

Oh... I've gone too far, haven't I?

Talia, the daughter of Ras al-Ghul.

There was always the upper class English lady from the Thunderbirds - I guess someone would have to pull the strings though.

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin
villian: Mystique (is she even really a villian anymore?)
hero: either Black Canary or Zatanna


I keep hoping Sue Storm will dump that nerd Reed Richards and look my way for a change.

Hell, I'm with Pietro!! Taarna all the way!

2nd place would be the gal from the cartoon The Maxx (was her name Julia?)

Deetlit from Record of Lodoss War.

Oh, yeah.

Harley Quinn.

Dude, LDG all the way. Yeah baby YEAH!

Urd from Oh My Goddess! Half angel, half demon...the perfect bedtime babe.



Although I've had lots of such infatuations that have waxed and waned (consisting of such usual suspects as Supergirl, Batgirl, Mary Marvel... well anyway...), the one that has held most constant over the years has been Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) of the X-Men.

(Of course, for anybody who's read my fanfic, this is not necessarily a revelation...)

The Ambiguously Gay Duo - Ace and Gary.

The lady from Thunderbirds was Lady Penelope

As for me....the brain is too old to remember the cartoons, probably liked Daphne though from Scooby Doo

I think I would have to go with Cinderella from "Swing Shift Cinderella", though Little Red Riding Hood is great as well.

Tex Avery is the best there ever was.

My favorite non-Tex character (leaving aside Jessica Rabbit) would have to be Josie from Josie and the Pussycats.

Either April O'Neill or Cheetarah. In either case I'd make her wear green and white striped stockings and call her "Nanny".

Damn....practically everything is taken

I'll take any chick dating Diamond Joe Quimby!

"Gentleman, start your whacking!"

I'd take Speed's chick Trixie....many times.

Either Blondie or Mom from Family Circus.

Kim Possible

Hmmmmmmm. There's no shortage of options.

Timberwolf from "X-Men"? Hell, yeah!

Green Lantern? Mmmmmm-hmmm. Bring it on!

The Human Torch from The Fantastic Four? All I can say is "Flame ON!"


Funny, not a lot of women chiming in on this one.

I've got to pick Kirk from the Animated Star Trek series. He's got a lot of practice. ;)

I'd totally do Death. Or pretty much any of the Locas from the Bros Hernandez stuff, especially Hopey. Ooh, or Maggie's boyfriend Ray from the same comics. Hottie!

I also like the dad, Raimundo, on Rocket Power. And Aeon Flux, although the man she's always after is nasty.

Johnny Bravo needs a pity fuck, so he can stop twitching out. Oh, and amen to the lady above who mentioned Boomhauer. Dangold dangold Boomhauer man ribbed for her pleasure. I could go on and on. Don't ever ask me which literaty characters I'd hook up with.

I know, I'm a sick puppy.

I'd go with Brandy from 'Liberty Meadows'
for a peek

Meg from Disney's Hercules- Susan Egan did an incredible job voicing that character.

Hmmmm . . .

1) Marcia Brady from:

2) I'll agree with the people who said Trixie

3) Jana, of the Wonder Twins

4) Morticia Adams, as long as she doesn't speak French

5) Ariel - Huh? Prince Eric already got her? Damn!

...oh, and how about Lenore? Naaaah, too young. ;)

Two more:

Kim Possible . . .

. . . and Ariel's daughter Melody, when she grows up a little more.

This question of the day brought to you by Sexy Toons (Not safe for work or those under 18).

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Totally. But he'd have to put the cigarette out and gargle first.

And if I was gay, I'd do Rogue.

If we're talking actual cartoons, then Aladdin.

If we're talking comics, then Sunspot from X-force (haven't read it in ages, so I don't know if he's even still out there, but the hot Latin guys tend to do it for me).

Betty and Veronica. Or Josie and the Pussycats. I'm into multiple cartoon partners. Am I sharing too much?

Zatanna- I'm a sucker for fishnets.

Faith, you're not really surprised that there aren't a lot of women chiming in, are you?

I already had my say a while ago.

Without a doubt Jasmine from Aladin. Her and Daira's friend. Owww, have mercy!

Kei and Yuri from The Dirty Pair. The Adam Warren version. Yum yum.

I guess this makes me a dirty old man, but I'd totally do Sailor Mars/Rei.

Betty and Veronica in a menage a trois. No contest.

Any Adam Warren chick.

And Daria's friend's brother.

The prince in Beauty in the Beast. He's a real hottie.

Imperial Keeper

Definitely Holly Wood from Cool World.

Definitely Holly Wood from Cool World.