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Delay of Game

Apparently Nat has not fully recovered from her mono because the school nurse just called and said I should come get her and take her home because she's "not right." So, off to get her and get her back to the doctor. Side note: My boss is giving a lecture today on how the media distorts public opinion of the judiciary. He's using this Maureen Dowd column as an example. Anyhow, blogging later. Which is just as well. I'm mentally exhausted today. Oh, but I do have a question for you, which I may expand on later. 2/3 of Americans said they support the idea of televised executions. Would you pay to watch an execution on television? Let's assume that the crime did not in any way involve you or someone you know. Just a total stranger being executed for a crime you only read about in the paper once or twice. Would you watch? Now, what if it were Scott Peterson being executed? Ok, what about bin Laden? Saddam? Just curious, really.


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for the media show trials like peterson no way, for saddam and osama, definitely. i want to see those miserable s**ts dead.

f I were ever to be executed, I'd insist that it be on television. But I'd insist that it be on Comedy Central, and I'd be dressed as a clown.

I oppose capital punishment as it currently exists in this country, although I do favor the concept. In its current state, it is neither fairly administered nor a deterrent to crime. Swift, certain and public execution would, at least in my opinion, be a deterrent. But it would have to be fairly administered, and we're a long way from there.

And yes, I'd gladly pay to watch Osama and Saddam killed. Petersen too, if it was proven beyond any doubt that he killed his pregnant wife. I'd be up in my recliner in my shorts with a bag of Doritos and a beer for that, just like some NFL action.

heh...execution highlights, complete with witty quips, on Sportscenter. That would rock.

And of course Fox would have "Funniest Execution Outtakes." I'd definitely watch that.

I'd support televised executions as long as the Fox progamming guys are the first to go.

I'd pay. Of course I'd want a nice pre-show and commentary by Jerry Springer.

Distorted view of the judiciary, huh? ;)

I would not watch or pay. Hey somebody has to be in the 1/3 part. And I think that 2/3 may be a bit low.

It's not that I don't support the Death Penalty, I do support it and think it should be administered faster in almost every case. I just have no desire to watch.

Pay-per-view prices for an unknown? Nah.

Peterson? Maybe.

Saddam or bin Laden? Probably.

(Personally, I'd like to put the WWE in charge of those shows...)

I just couldn't do it- regardless of who it was. I am personally against the death penalty, so my participation in viewing it would only go to support something I am against.

PPV - watch the execution and pay down the debt at the same time.

I wouldn't watch, tho.

Well, maybe Gacy and Bundy - just to be sure. And just the preshow.

I don't have a TV so I probably wouldn't watch it - unless someone was having an execution party and they were going to watch it then I might, but then, if anyone calls me and tells me they are having a party I generally go - doesn't matter whats on the tube.

No TV in 10 years really allows you to think on your own and not be poisoned by the self serving media.

Funny thing is that in all that time, I probably see just as much TV as anyone else, its just not here at home, tempting me to sit donw and vacantly stare into it.

Wall Street Journal (especially the Opinion page), Internet news sources, Blogs (especially here) keep me up on whats going and is more timely than waiting for the TV to tell me what I need to know.

Pay for the execution of Bin Laden? I would think with all the taxes we have spent hunting him down that if it was going to be televised then it whould be gratis to those who want to see it.

If I had a TV, maybe, but doubtful. I don't gawk at accidents on the side of the road either.

I oppose the spectacle of televised or public executions. However, I am not opposed to the death penalty in theory. I wonder if that makes me a hypocrite. I want it to happen, I just don't want to see it or take part in it. Just like I love eating steak but I don't want to see a cow slaughtered. I think that's an interesting question.

My idea for OBL was to hand him to the mob so they could put him in a meat grinder then mix a piece of what's left w/the cornerstone of the new WTC.

I wouldn't want to watch that. Maybe if they smeared him in pork fat first????

This would be really no different than in times past when they showed public executions (guillotine or hangings), and since human nature has not really changed, I expect to see this happen in at least 20 years, maybe less.

I oppose it, but I also oppose the death penalty.


Ditto what was said above: wouldn't watch a "garden variety" execution, such as Peterson or other such scum. What would be the point?

But bin Laden -- yes. I would want to see him suffer, if only for a brief moment before he died.

As I said yesterday, I wouldn't pay to watch Osama be executed. I'd only pay if they let me pull the trigger.

not that I'm so opposed to the death penalty (in theory, if not in practice), but I wouldn't want to watch it.

And I think wasting bin Laden on national tv would just add to his "martyr" status among his crazed followers. Probably not something we want to do...

No. The fact that monsters like Saddam need to die doesn't mean that we need to see it. Do it in private, with the witnesses necessary. Other than that, there's not reason to make a specticle of it. They're still dead, and the thought that they died as any other criminal is better than the thought of them being martyred before millions with the images living on for years after.

I still think Timothy McVeigh's execution should have been pay-per-view. I'd watch the big ones, especially if the commentary was good. Dennis Miller, maybe?

I probably wouldnt pay to watch lethal injections. That would be pretty boring. But dousing bin laden in gasoline, setting him on fire and watching him run around screaming? Hell yeah. I can see me and the guys whooping, high-fiving and clinking longnecks over that.

I'd not pay.

In general, executions should simply be part of the public record. We've already paid plenty for the investigations and trials; why pay more now?

Personally, I have no interest whatsoever in seeing ordinary dog crap scraped off the public's shoes, but anyone who wishes should be able to witness.

Bin Laden, Saddam, and their ilk are a different matter. They are vicious thugs who have wielded the power of governments to commit enormous crimes. Their executions should be a matter not just of public record, but historical record. Their executions must be as public as possible.

Hmmm. Civilised country? Not only do we execute people, but 2/3's of us want to watch it happen.

And no doubt many of those 2/3's also claim to be Christians, who still say "one nation under God" and want homosexual marriage outlawed in the Federal constitution. Didn't someone once speak about casting the first stone?

Maybe I can smell a whiff of hypocrasy here.

Sorry, I can't support murder in any form, no matter what euphemism like "execution" or "capital punishment" the government wants to slap on it. Let'm rot in a little cell for the rest of their miserable lives.

As an unpoisoned, free-to-think-for-myself television watcher, I'd vote to allow executions to be televised.

Would I pay to watch an execution myself? Not sure. Perhaps the spectacle of seeing a person squealing and twitching and shitting himself as he's injected/electrocuted would alter my own (favorable) views on capital punishment, but likely not.

I wouldnt pay but find someone with a blackbox and watch it. I honestly dont see the problem with public executions, I mean some countries have been doing them forever and a day.

Ordinarily, I would think that televising executions would be inappropriate, to say the least.

But. Two words: 'Martha.' 'Guillotine.'

depends on type

Since I sit about 100 yards where a large number of the executions in this country happen, I can say for certain I have no desire to watch one. Just being here and walking to my car a few minutes before it's going to happen is difficult for me. I do support the death penalty, but the reality of it is much different than the theory. On the days I'm still here at 6 on execution days, I hate it. I see the families and witnesses come out, and it hurts. Knowing someone just died right over there is hard for me even if I know without a doubt they deserve it, and I can read a summary of their crimes to know they do.. Actually anyone can. They're published on the Internet. I think that anyone that thinks they'd feel good being the one to actually pull the trigger or push the button is fooling themselves. I don't doubt their sincerity, but I think it would haunt them more than they realize. But that's just what I think.

I'd watch and I'd buy the "best-of" DVD with hidden extras... imagine them putting one of those tiny disposable cameras INSIDE a needle, then giving the lethal injection! THAT would be a view & 1/2!

However, in reality, I'd rather have localized public executions. Keep it personal and local, with no TV coverage. Some motherfucker who makes everyone's blood boil (think Bundy, etc.) would be worth a roadtrip to see...

I would pay to see Jessica Simpson executed. Or at least tortured. (Come to think of it, there's probably a web site or two devoted to just such a topic.)

I'd pay to see bin Laden burned at the stake. Burning alive is the only fitting justice for him. Maybe if we're generous we could do it atop a cliff and give him the choice to be burned alive or jump off . . .

I don't know if I'd pay but I believe executions should be televised for the simple fact that it may deter some dickhead from committing a heinous crime in the future.
Joseph Smith from the sarasota girls murder, I would pay. I'd sit in the front row live and watch that one. What he did to her, I cannot even tell you. He deserves to fry like Tiny Davis. People say that they should have to sit in a cell for the rest of their lives. What does that teach them? They get 3 square meals a day, recreation, tv, doctors, dentists. Come on, get real. They are to be punished. Plus, our jail systems are overcrowded as it is. Televise them, do them faster, one a day maybe or 2, depending on how many have to go to free up some room for the new cons coming in.

I wouldn't pay to watch it. Why pay to see someone slip into unconsciousness, then have to wait for the heart to stop? Nothing interesting happens during electrocution or lethal injection. Even firing squad or hanging wouldn't be very interesting.

Saddam being torn to bits by an Iraqi mob would be more like it. But then, it would probably be on the internet for free... so why pay?

Not in its current form. Make it like the "Running Man" or "Most Extreme Elimination" show, and I would. I might even bet.

No - and I don't believe the US should even have a death penalty...

Televise it?
Watch it?
No way. Anybody who deserves the death penalty certainly does not deserve any of my recreational time.

Not only do we execute people, but 2/3's of us want to watch it happen. And no doubt many of those 2/3's also claim to be Christians,

You can't favor capital punishment and also be a Christian? That's news to me. Lots and lots of people got killed for doing naughty things in the Bible, no? An eye for an eye and such.

who still say "one nation under God"

Hm. What's that got to do with this debate at all?

and want homosexual marriage outlawed in the Federal constitution.

There's no inconsistency between being a Christian and wanting gay marriage to be illegal. Indeed, would you really expect Christians to support legalized gay marriage? I wouldn't.

Didn't someone once speak about casting the first stone?

Personally, I'm all for casting Sharon Stone. Into a river. With strong undercurrents. And giant, man-eating catfish. Yeah. That would rule. N' 'specially if we got a quick beavershot first. Yeah.

Maybe I can smell a whiff of hypocrasy here.

Why not...bread and circuses...as long as the people are fed and given entertainment, they will not question their leadership...but will it outdraw Janet Jackson's boobflash?

No. Not even Bin Laden. Drudge can show pictures afterwards.

But especially not the Joe Soaps.

What an awful person Dowd is.

Per the executions, I wouldn't watch those of local interest only, but Saddam or Osama are a different story. And I'd only pay if the money went to a fund for their victims.

Sigh... When I read posters saying they'd pay to watch Bin Ladin executed my first thought was to turn that around... Palestinians would pay to watch Sharon executed. Then it occured to me that they'd probably pay to see bus, cafe, pizza place, hotel & disco bombings too.

I feel sick.

Well I support afirmative action, but Maureen Dowd has been idiot for longer than I've been alive.

It's no "media distortion" to point out that Thomas is on the far right of the political spectrum. Neither is it a lie to state the obvious fact that the man benefitted from affirmative action.

Just so you know, I do not support race-based affirmative action. I do support affirmative action based on economic criteria - unless you're willing to enact serious inheritance taxes, you have to make at least a token effort to level the playing field between rich and poor. However, I have yet to hear any persuasive argument as to why a rich minority kid deserves government help and a poor non-minority kid does not.

re: executions -- Ick. No, not interested. Unless the scumbag in question killed one of my children. Then I would administer the death penalty myself.

I'd watch Bin Laden's execution.

I'd personally execute him if given the choice.

If I was given the choice between not executing him and having to execute him with only a Q-Tip I'd choose the Q-Tip.