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fire in the sky

I made a list of songs that fit the criteria set forth below. And then I started crossing off and adding on. Green Grass and High Tides (The Outlaws) is still a good song. Charlie Daniels' The South's Gonna Do it Again is not. Van Halen's Ice Cream Man still rocks. Van Halen's Dance the Night Away does not. Def Leppard's Love Bites is still awesome. So is The Scorpions' Still Loving You. Journey's Open Arms makes me break out in hives. So does Beth by Kiss. I once thought both those songs were poignant. I've already had my say about Stairway to Heaven. Every Iron Maiden song pre-1992 has held up. And Pantera's Cemetery Gates was never a good song. Looking at songs that I still like, rather than the ones I am embarassed to have once rocked out to, I will say this: Smoke on the Water will forever and always rule.


Frank Zappa: Crew Slut!

And, of course, Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant". Although I'm not sure that's a song.

I respectfully disagree: Dance the Night Away still rocks, in its own cheesy sorta way.


You must of read my mind... about two hours ago, I was just about to respond your previous post with Green Grass and High Tides. But before hitting the Post button, I realized that, while it wasn't the "one of the greatest songs ever" like my friends and I thought after seeing the Outlaws in concert in 79/80, it was still a pretty good song.

"My Sharona", however, is a different story. Still can't believe I fell for the "biggest thing since the Beatles" hype after the release of Get the Knack .

michele, you could not be more incorrect. "Love Bites" not only bites, but it has always bit.

i used to love Pink Floyd, but now i can't listen to 'em. at. all.

conversely, i hated the beastie boys when they first came out with "license to ill"... but now i love that CD.

"I Got You" Split Enz.still fun for me

Cacthing up from the weekend, I don't have a song. In fact if the more computer literate can explain to me why the links and ads are covering up Michelle's articles I would be happy.

I just wanted to briefly say all the best to you Michelle. I hope it works out.

"And Pantera's Cemetery Gates was never a good song."

Has Pantera ever had any good songs?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This Love. Broken. Mouth for War. Domination. Five Minute Alone.

But that's just me.

I still have no problem with singing along to Open Arms at full stage volume.

Well, maybe one, if you could call it that.

I've always preferred to substitute the word 'broken' for 'open' everywhere in those lyrics...

Being an old fart my music tastes are pretty retro. I still like Stairway but when it comes on but I don't listen to it on purpose.
I agree that Smoke is a great song.

Everything VH did with Dave rocks (yes, including "Happy Trails"). Everything VH did without Dave does not rock.

I can't believe that none of you has skewered the Dead yet. Good thing. You want to talk about lyrics that don't make sense? But they are still the greatest rock band that ever was.

If you want a good Zep song, for me at least, it has to be Kashmir. I just adore that opening. Beth is good for one thing, kareoke, after how can you butcher the vocals since Peter Criss sang so badly in the first place. Kiss never did a good line in ballads, 'Forever' was alright...

For the record Pantera was always over-rated. There were far betters purveyors of what they did...they are redneck metal at its worst. Course with that meathead Anselmo at the lead no wonder.

The Dead were never a "rock band" they were a country rock jam band that occasionally had to record albums to please their record company.

But the "Skull and Roses" album was still a great rock album, and the Dead's Johnny Be Good is the second best cover of a rock standard ever, after Johnny River's Blue Suede Shoes.

Errr....Cemetary Gates IS a good song.

Also, immediately discounting everything Maiden's done since 1992? Good lord. Have you listened to the new record at all?

Sorry, Andrew, you obviously don't know shit from shinola about the Dead. Did you ever even see them live? While they traditionally did a first set that included many country songs (Weir's influence), second sets were altogether different, and both sets always had a sprinkling of blues. To pigeon-hole them as a country rock jam band shows that, unlike a Dead Head, you just don't get the saying that they weren't the best at what they did, they were the only ones who did what they did.