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i'm getting to it

I know, I know. The site looks like shit in some browsers. I'm getting there. Meanwhile, if you want to read an entry, just click on the title in the sidebar and it will take you to the individual entry archive page where you can read it in all it's plain, white glory.


I like the new look, the sidebar kinda overlaps but the fixed image on the right is kickass.

Plain white? That's no fun. It's all CoolWhip and... no pie...

I like the new color scheme a lot, very easy on the eyes. :)

I like it a lot, Mozilla issues notwithstanding.

It sucks the big black donkey dick in Opera. :(

That's weird, it doesn't look bad in Opera for me. The only thing missing is the background color in the post table.

By the way, hang in there Michele.

It's fine in widescreen. If you have your "favorites" list open on the left side, minimize it and everything displays just fine. As for Mozilla, you shouldn't be using it unless you actually like having your OS polluted by spyware, which that browser imports by the truckload.

MUCH better. The white was WAY too harsh.

Yay! Len's back!

The Little Dead Girl is back! Yaaaaay! I heart you, Michele.

It shows up well in Mozilla 1.3

Wow. I thought I'd had a relatively lazy and unproductive weekend. Turns out I may have helped inspire Michele to re-enter Browser Rendering Hell, in the name of the Little Dead Girl.

I knew my ears had to be burning for some reason... stop cussin' me, Michele!

Oh, and you've still got some minor Mozilla problems. But I'm not going to tell you which ones, now that I know I've inspired aggravation. (OK, if you either change your #side to right:250px; or change your #Content to width:40%; you'll be closer ... but you're mixing percentage widths for your content with fixed pixel absolute positioning for your sidebar, and that may be an incompatible mix).

P.S. It would also help if you reduced the size of the big graphic on theright side. Making it about 70-75 pixels narrower, combined with the above, would almost get you there. At 1024×768.

I think I'm missing something. Everyone is talking about the new look of the site. The only change I see on Safari is that Lenore is back in a new title graphic. The background is still the schematic for the Commodore 64.

I am constantly amused by the disappearance and reappearance of Lenore. "She's gone!" She's back. "I'm getting rid of her!" She's back. "I swear, she's gone for good!" She's back.

She's like a bad itch for you, isn't she?

Personally, I'm just waiting for a Zim design. With baloney goodness.

Lenore's back!

"it's Friday I'm in love"