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no sex in my city

I just saw a news promo where the voice over said "Women everywhere are saying good bye to their best friends tonight..." And then another that stated "Every woman in America is sad tonight..." No. Not all of us, buddy. I watched one episode of Sex in the City and hated it. In fact, it made me cringe. Just because I'm a woman does not mean I was glued to the television every Sunday night to watch other women talking about their sex lives. I don't even find them attractive. Now the local news channel is showing women weeping openly, so disturbed and distressed are they that their favorite show has ended. Crying. Seriously. My husband and decided to split up today. I just can't find it in me to sob over some horny chicks in ugly clothes. Now, if they cancelled Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I might shed a tear. Or two. Speaking of, if you are an Adult Swim fan, make sure you tune in tonight. They are repeating the very first episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; the Race Bannon custody battle. It's the very firs time I saw any of the Adult Swim shows and I think it was even before they called it AS. I blogged about it, but I can't seem to find it in my archives. Anyhow, watch it. It's tv worth weeping over.


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Wait what? Did I read that right?

Jesus, Michele, I'm sorry.

I'm hoping that was just a way to make a point about that stupid show.

What?? I'm with Statia, did I read that right? Are you ok? I'm sorry girl. :(

Eh, I didn't really care for the first HB, especially when they reran it into the ground.

Wait, did I just read that line about SATC right? I really hope that was sarcasm... :(

WTF? M, please say you're kidding us. Please.

I felt the same way about "Just The Ten Of Us"... the crying when it was cancelled part, not the hating it after one episode part.

"I'll make you fun-sized!"


I was going to write something that included the phrase "immature little twerp", but that wouldn't help.

If you need anything, we're all here.

Um, sorry Michele. Hope you're well. I understand the song better now, I think.

Well, that just sucks.

Weird how things go on behind the blog that we never see and then suddenly, BAM!

Take care.

I watched one episode of Sex in the City and hated it. In fact, it made me cringe.

Thank God. I thought all this time it was just me.

Jesus, next time I'll read the rest of it before I jump in and comment.

I'm so damn sorry.

I'm sorry, Michele.

As I was reading; first "huh", then "woah", and finally "shit."

Anything you need just ask.

Well that sucks. Kudos for staying true to form tho- if yer going to announce something like that its best sandwiched between SITC and Harvey Birdman. Chin up.

Wishing you the best during this tough time.

I never liked that show. It made it seem as if all women from manhattan are snooty, man-chasing, idiots.

Sex in the City--I understood why some women loved it, and why others couldn't stand it.

I enjoyed the first season and then lost interest, but Rosemary has always loved it. To me it got predictable and trite. But then, most shows do for me after a while.

(Breakups suck. I sent ya an email.)

Ditto the "anything you need/want, just ask" comments.

You know we love you more than mere blog-words can express...

Sorry to hear about the breakup, kiddo. Condolences, and hang in there. ;{

Wow Michele. My heart goes out to you. As with Kevin, anything you need, anything at all.

Pulled the TV cable in 1996 so this is yet another show (like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Survivor) that I won't have to repent wasting time on.

More importantly, MUCH more importantly, did you try to get any kind of counseling before splitting? Splitting is a mistake. It doesn't help people eventually learn to get along... it helps them practice being apart. Didja do the "let me write down 20 things I adore about my spouse" exercise? Good people are VERY hard to find and it only gets more difficult as the best pickins get taken early. It's worth an overhaul if you can save the relationship... especially if there are kids involved. Kids don't heal from divorce. It's a rationalization that divorcing adults tell themselves. Unless there was an egregious breach in fidelity, most relationships ARE salvagable.

I come from 2 generations of divorce. My parents, all my aunts and uncles and ALL my grandparents were divorced at least once. I'm working toward my 18th anniversary with Mrs. Rantbloggger and we've been on the verge of the D word many times. And we've got a LOT going for us, including spectacular kids. We were even Newlywed Game winners. No kidding.

Damn damn damn.

Michelle, I've been divorced. I am so sorry. If If you need to talk, I am here.

I know what you're going through. If you ever need anything or want to talk, let me know. I was serious about the phone call thing; Nokia pays the bill, so if you want someone to rant/cry/talk to, just send me your number. I'll be thinking of you.

I'm so sorry. You're a class act, Michele.

I, too was a bit alarmed at the statement but decided that you were just making a point. Whatever happens, I hope it turns out for the best and I hope that you both find happiness. You are a brilliant wonderful person and you give much to so many. Please take care of yourself.

Sorry to hear that, Michelle.

Sorry, just now saw this.

It's not easy making that decision. I hope things work out for you - I'm so sorry to hear about that.

I've been there before, too, only ours didn't survive. I hope you fare better. hugs

Gee, Michele, I'm so sorry. I remember you saying that you're not all that religious, but I lean that way and I'll light a candle for you this week.

You're a great lady, and you're in our thoughts.


Funny how alleged art looks superfluous when compared to real life.

Sorry to hear this news, Michelle.

woah. Sorry to hear that Michele, as folks have said - if you need anything, feel free.

I think I had to read this post eight times before I was sure what I read. Then read the comments.

Keep your head up, and remember that your own personal really big support group of people you've never met are here for ya!

My goodness Michele, I'm so sorry. Anything I can do, DO NOT hesitate to ask.

I'm so sorry to hear that...hang in there.

Aw shit, Michele.

Anything you need, Babe, just ask.

You have just made a new reader. You like Adult Swim, I will now read your blog.

You know all your readers and admirers are here for you.

whoa. What a bomb to lay on.

I'm sorry. Here's to hoping all goes well, whichever way things work out.

Like someone said earlier, I know you're not religous, so I'll say a prayer for you.

God Bless You.