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Everyone happy now? Update: If anyone knows how to get this design to render correctly in Mozilla and Netscape, I sure could use the help. Another update: If you are having a problem with the sidebar scrolling over the words, it might because because this design was made with my screen (1024x768) in mind - which, according to my stats - is what 90% of my readers use.


Welcome back, Little Dead Girl!

Yay! The little dead girl is back! Good design!

Nice design!

I LOVE IT! Thanks for bringing back the little dead girl.

No! Bring back Michael Myers! (I'm just kidding. It's your website, do what you want.)

Nice design...

Makes me wonder what would have happened if...

a) I'd had the motivation to maintain a regular website
b) I'd been good with programming
c) I'd been born with people skills

Definite improvement on the last design. Beware, I'm in a Bill Hicks mood...

I like it! I like it! I like it!

Where's my pie?

Like the Little Dead Girl, but sorry to say it doesn't render right in Mozilla

Hey, it's my girl!

Doesn't look too bad in Firefox. All you're missing is background color.

Looks ok to me in Moz... what's supposed to be wrong with it?

This is much better! Love the new look!

Hurray for the return of the little dead girl!

Dave: in Moz, the LDG background on the front page floats with the right margin of the window, not the right edge of the layout. I imagine if your window's the right width you won't notice though :)

Why does the recent entries column cover part of the column your entries are in? It covers the last 3 or 4 letters of each line. I'm using microsoft explorer, not netscape.

Well, I'm not a CSS expert. But Mozilla certainly doesn't like your stylesheet, that's for sure. Your CSS uses some nonstandard properties (presumably IE only, or maybe CSS2, I'm not sure). Also, I can't make out what is going on in your stylesheet down around the #navcontainer and #navlist properties. Are all those ul and li elements supposed to be there?

Here's a CSS validation tool you can use:


aww!! I love your layout <3<3<3

I'm using Firefox as well, and my screen is 1024×768... It all seems to overlap from left to right.... (Entries overlap sidebar. Sidebar overlaps picture.)


Welcome back, Lenore.

I use Explorer and am having the overlap problem. Wah.

Until it's fixed, I'm clicking on "Link" for each post so that it will maximize the screen to show just the post and comments.

Love it, Michele. You have a great eye for design.

Fabulous! And the little dead girl is back - perfect!

The Mozilla problem seems to be caused by a minor mathematical miscalculation. First, the actual width of the viewport (the part where the web page is actually displayed) in a fully maximized Mozilla at 1024×768 resolution is only 1000 px. The collapsed sidebar on the left is 9 px wide and the scrollbar on the right is 15 px wide, for a total of 24 px, leaving only 1000 px horizontal in the viewport.

Second, you have two rules in your CSS file which basically set up two "walls" between which your posts column and your sidebar column have to be displayed. On line 68, the "margin" rule sets the left wall 30 px in from the left. On line 128, the "right" rule sets the right wall at 230 px in from the right. Subtract 30 and 230 from 1000 and you are left with 740 px in which to display your two columns, plus any additional margins added in other containers in the page.

On line 65, you define the width of the "Content" container (the column for your posts) as 50%. On a 1000 px viewport, that would be 500 px. On line 129, you define the width of the "Side" container (the column for your sidebar) as 25%, or 250 px on a 1000 px viewport.

Add everything up -- left wall (30) plus Content (500) plus Side (250) plus right wall (230) -- and it comes out to 1010 px, or 10 px more than you really have available, which causes the overlap between the right edge of "Content" and the left edge of "Side". (continued)

(continued from previous comment)

In addition, there appears to be 8-10 px worth of width tied up in borders, other margins, etc., which makes for an overlap of about 18-20 px in the center. This seems to be consistent with what I see in my Mozilla 1.6.

In short, mixing absolute measurements (px) and relative measurements (%) can lead to unexpected consequences. If you really want to see the havoc this can cause, pop open the Mozilla sidebar on the left side. The left wall stays at 30 px from the left edge, the right wall stays at 230 px from the right edge, and the jumble between the posts column and the sidebar turns into a really ugly mess. The same thing will happen on IE 6.0 if you pop open the Search sidebar, but it's not quite as ugly a result,

Hope this helps.

Looks really freakin' cool to me.