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George Lucas is still an ass, v.451

[via Bill] General Grievous? Sounds more like a Power Rangers character than a Star Wars villian. The General will be introduced in an upcoming Boba Fett book. Word on the street is that Grievous is a droid who has Jango Fett's brains. [click for bigger pic]Yep, he's a bow-legged Skeletor with a cape and holster and the posture of Zorak. Showdown at high noon outside the Cantina. Oh wait, here's the official scoop: "In Episode III, we'll meet General Grievous, the military leader of all the Separatist armies. He's part alien and part robot. Grievous is a master strategist and the greatest hand-to-hand Jedi killer the galaxy has ever known." Dude looks like something off of a cereal box. I'm still number one for George Lucas is a Fuckwad and will remain so until someone turns back time and gives Lucas a lobotomy before he can create the monstrosities known as Episodes I, II and III.


Earlier I wondered if his henchmen were Colonel Surly and Major Mayhem. He looks about as frightening as something out of an old Nintendo game. Look at those skinny limbs, one swipe of a lightsaber would hack them right off.

It looks like someone was trying to design a Bugs Bunny Bot while imbiding in the recreational use of non-approved substances and forgot to finish the job.

I'm with you on Lucas, Michele. The guy just hasn't done anything worthwhile for a very long time.

Grievous? Yes, grievous indeed.

Jar Jar Binks. 'nuff said.

I can't believe that Lucas' usual deft touch for naming his characters has deserted him. Think back to the subtle names he gave his other creations - why, there was Greedo, who was greedy; Han Solo, who liked to be alone; that squidy race known as the Mon Calimari; Darth Sidious, who is insidious, etc. I await a Rebel leader with a spastic colon named Blowee Toutcherahs.

Come to think of it, I don't.

Not only does he name his characters as if he were 10 years old--the Star Wars movies of late would be much better if Lucas could check his ego at the door and let someone else direct them. Like Sam Raimi, or Robert Rodriguez, who's never let me down. I can dream.

Exactly. The prequel episodes have played out like a bad reunion of a band I once loved.

Hey, some of the names Lucas came up with were pretty darn good: Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett... Considering he didn't do the concept art, or the music, and didn't direct the best one (Empire), the names are one of the few things he did ok. Or used to, now it's all "Darth Felonius" this and "Gingricho Limbaught" that.

This has got Major Disaster written all over it.

At least I've got Peter Jackson's movies to look forward to.

Nute Gunray, Lott Dodd...yeah.

my heart sinks

It doesn't seem that long ago I was nailed to my theater seat, mouth open, as this giant spaceship slipped over me...on and on and on....

The original movie was just that. ORIGINAL, never seen before. SciFi had always been so clean and well scrubbed... Leslie Nielson didn't have so much as one hair out of place while fighting the monster in Forbidden Planet.

I thought maybe it was me getting old that "Episode 1" just didn't move me, or why Espisode 2 seemed to hint at promises of a good story, but never quite delivered, even as it was such glorious eye candy.

Lucas has done to SW as Roddenberry did to the Trek franchise.

whoa.... you think Lucas is possessed by Gene?

someone ring up William Friedkin!

I thought we got rid of General Grievous when he dropped out of the presidential race . . .

Want to know why Empire was vastly superior to New Hope and Jedi?

It was neither written nor directed by Lucas.

George Lucas and Ralph Nader should both stop doing what they’re doing.

Darth Vader as clever name? C'mon!

Dark Father. I was seven and I got it. I knew he was Luke's father after walking out of the movie theatre from the first movie.

I am not a Lucas fan and never will be.

I just don't understand why so many people keep going to these movies and buying the products if the movies are so bad. (I saw Ep 1 out of curiousity and thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen - skipped Ep 2 completely.)