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speaking of dave grohl

I am in heavy metal heaven. The track listing for Dave Grohl's Probot: "Centuries Of Sin" w/ Cronos (Venom) "Red War" w/ Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura) "Shake Your Blood" w/ Lemmy (Motorhead) "Access Babylon" w/ Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) "Silent Spring" w/ Kurt Brecht (DRI) "Ice Cold Man" w/ Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, Napalm Death) "the Emerald Law" w/ Wino (St. Vitus, Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls) "Big Sky" w/ Tom G. Warrior(Celtic Frost /Apollyon Sun) "Dictatorsaurus" w/ Snake (Voivod) "My Tortured Soul" w/ Eric Wagner (Trouble) "Sweet Dreams" w/ King Diamond (Mercyful Fate) Do you realize what an amazing line up of talent that is? Do you know how many hearing aids these guys are responsible for? Mike Dean, Max and King Diamond alone would have been enough. But all that and Dave Grohl? It's better than sex. Seriously. I told you Grohl rocks.


I got it. It kicks much booty. Booty flies recklessly around the room each time I pop it in the CD player. Yes, Dave Grohl is a gift. He also knows how to assemble the tallent.

Not a clue...I am seriously out of touch, I suppose.

Good ol' King Diamond. I saw that dude at some dive in Pasadena (TX, not CA). He definitely supported a few fake blood purveyors back in the day.

I am itching to get a copy of this CD. Not the biggest fan of the FF, but this seems to be a pretty neat collection o' tracks.

Yup, it's a fantastic album, and further proves my theory that Kurt Cobain's major contribution to music was shooting himself. (Not that "The Colour and The Shape" wasn't already absolute proof).

I just bought it today. Good CD, but is it bad of me that I find half the songs on here hilarious?

It's the next disc I'm buying....

I HATE (repeat: HATE) Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters, but that lineup is SO impressive that I have to have it.... King Diamond, Kurt Brecht, Tom G Warrior (c'mon, tell me who doesn't miss Celtic Frost!) and Lemmy?? Whoooooaaaa. Flashback to when speed metal was good!

I had to let you know, I finally picked it up on Saturday... this post kicked me into gear....

whoa! Best CD I've heard in a long time.... since Megadeth broke up, as a matter of fact.

I just got this today for my bday. It kicks much ass. :)