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the devil made me do it

I couldn't help myself. Before you go off on bender about this, see this post for explanation.
[click all for bigger images] McDonald's, in conjuction with Mel Gibson, is proud to present the Passion of the Christ Happy Meal! Cut out this cardboard Jesus mask to wear to the next showing of Passion! Of course, we've got toys. Gundam Pontious Pilate for boys and Barbie Mary Magdelane for girls! Don't forget to ask about our toys for kids under three - this week it's a Judas squeeze toy! Don't forget, with every meal you can purchase a station of the cross for only $1.99. Ronald guides you through all 14 stations with helpful annotations. Promotion starts next Friday. Bring in your Passion ticket stub for a free St. Simon Shake! I'll be waiting on the corner for the next bus to hell.


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I hope no one else gets hurt when the lightening strikes!

Neat! Can't wait for those happy meal toys to show up on this side of the Atlantic.

By the way has the Inquisition rung your door bell yet?

Um, you know that could be a good thing. Spread the faith and all.

Of course, it just feels like something that would happen at a McDonalds in Afganistan. ( under the previous managment, of course)

Should we get Allah on this?

"an old saying dating at least as far back as Chaucer in the twelfth century who called idle hands the devil's tools"

Are there no meat variety burgers for lent?

Funny stuff!

After the Happy Meal you can use official "Passion of Christ" exercise equipment. I'm going straight to hell.

That is funny. Some people take themsleves too seriously. Very nice.

That is just wrong. And yet I couldn't help but giggle at it.

Save me a seat by the window.

That would be a Filet-O-Fish Happy Meal for Lent.

Passion of Christ spoiler alert here:

(Jesus Dies On The Cross)

Sorry for spoiling it for ya, if you haven't seen it already.

I heard they were already working on a "Passion" sequel.

Passion with a Vengance?
The Return of the Son of Man?
Apocalypse Now?

No wait...