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bald is beautiful

So I was killing time and took this test at Match.com, after finding the link over at Rob's place. Apparently, this is the kind of man that would make me shiver and shake. 5001-mbrb_01.jpg Looks nothing like my husband, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't hit it. Cause I would. If I weren't married and all.


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Is it merely a coincidence that stock for Gillette hit a one year high today?

Hmm....so you must be a big watcher of JAG!

So how long have you had this fetish for coneheads?

looks like I made the right decision when I started shaving.

>If I weren't married and all

Oh, did you mean "If I were married to him and all"?


mmm bald men g

Hey, Ken, CONEHEADS? Speaking as a guy who shaves his head, I find that rather. . . well. . . insulting.

Thought of you there too, Doc.
huh, Michele? ;)

Oh yea. Doc was the first thing I thought of when I saw the results.

Hey, I got a bald guy too. Must be some kind of conspiracy.

Ryan, look at the shape of his melon. Go on, the very centre of the top. See how it angles up to a point? Yup, conehead. Now I am not saying all guys that can't stop the razor at the level of their ears are coneheads, but that guy in the pic - 100% conehead.

ok, i took that damned test... holy shit, could that thing take any more time? sheesh! by the time it was over, i didn't care about the results.

I tried it as well for laughs, but I got all screwed up by the last question, on which women would find me attractive. I have such a small sample to speculate from . . . I also came to the conclusion that I'm pickier than I thought, which only emphasizes that I'm even luckier to have my wife than I already thought.

Yeah, it was a major time-waster. I also found the hardest question to be which women would find me attractive. How the heck should I know the answer to that question? None of the choices looked like anyone I ever dated, and that sample base is itty-bitty.

My conclusion: the system still has a few bugs in it.

Put me down as another who was unable to finish because of the "who would find you attractive" question. What a waste of time.