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morning rush - trivia answers

Blogging later. Meanwhile, the answers to last night's quiz. How did you do?


Turbo and Ozone were breakdancers in Electric Boogaloo. Along with Kelly, they formed the crew TKO.
Minus Kelly, they were also in the original Breakin'.

FOUL! Kelly WAS in the original Breakin' movie! She was "Special K" -- how could the quiz creators not know that? Cripes. They just lost whatever amount of 80s cred that they thought they had. If they can't even get "Breakin'" right, then they should just give up.

Uh, wait a minute...is this link just to someone who answered the questions, and NOT to the creator of the quiz? If so - then I'll retract my verbal abuse.

41 answered, 4 wrong. Not bad. :)