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my kingdom for a sneaker

My son has a request. Well, two. If anyone has guitar tabs to Simple Plan's cover of Happy Together, please let me know. Also, he is driving me crazy trying to find a pair of the AFI skate shoes that Vans put out as a limited edition. I know that some stores still have them - all my local stores and online quests have come up empty. Boys, size 1 1/2, if you happen to see them. I'll give you a finder's fee. A big one.


Michele, I doubt that there's much in the way of tablature for that song, it's mostly just chords (verse:F#minor E D C#7, chorus:F#major E F# A). There's a trivial intro and some dynamics...

What part's he having trouble with?

He's just insisting that Simple Plan does a way different version of the song.

I think he's just being difficult. Anyhow, he's moved onto Iron Maiden.

They do it real different from the Turtles -- my thirteen-year-old has the mp3, I just listened to it. There's a little E-A-D thing at the start, but mostly it's just chords and adrenalin.

Iron Maiden... naw, he's on his own...

Call (707) 429-1546 - Van's store at the mall in Fairfield, California. They said that the smallest size they have is men's 6-1/2, but they can order what you want and they offer free shipping.