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Little Metal Man

I took the son to Best Buy today so he could use up those gift cards that were burning a hole in his pocket. If you remember, he got a guitar (bought with the money GWB sent me for having a kid). Last week, he bought his second guitar, a sleek, black Ibanez, and a Marshall amp with money he saved from Christmas and his birthday. And headphones. Headphones a must. He's been getting lessons and he's getting pretty good. I've never seen him really put so much effort into a hobby. And the best thing about the guitar is his new appreciation of guitar talent. He doesn't just listen to songs now. He listens. You know what I mean. And his CD collection is slowly evolving from four chord standard punk to more complex music. His take from Best Buy today included CDs from Yngwie Malmsteen and The Darkness. Right now he's in his room playing along to some early Van Halen. It's a nice change from all that whiny emo crap he's been listening to. I have my sister and her husband to thank for DJ's interest in the classics of guitar stardom. They are grooming him for something, I just don't know what. So, basically, this post was just a warning to my sister: He can listen to Van Halen. He can listen to Maiden. And I'll give you Dokken and The Scorpions. But he is not - I repeat, NOT - going to be turned into a junior version of your husband. You will not brainwash my son into being a hair metal junkie. I won't allow it. The first strains of Poison I hear coming out of his room, and your rights as an aunt are being revoked. That's not a warning, it's a threat. The threat is real!


I really appreciate it when you talk about your kids. It's very cool.

you're a good mother. no child should be "poison-ed".

Two words: Country Music... It's where the money is, plus the girls are better looking. Honestly, would you rather DJ marry Courtney Love or Faith Hill.

That doesn't mean he can't play classic rock occasionally, should have seen the CMT Crossroads episode with Martina McBride and Pat Benatar.

Come to the dark side...

What about a little Motley Crue?

JFH is right, in country music the girls are more fun, and there are really a lot of gigs. Plus the songs are easier, so you don't spend a bunch of time practicing. Course, it helps if you like to drink. A lot.

I ran that idea up the flagpole and he said "Umm. No." So there's your answer.

Hey, PTG - good to see you around these parts!

Okay, Michele, how would he feel about a compromise? Throw a little Allman Brothers his way, along with some Lynyrd Skynyrd, maybe some Stevie Ray Vaughan? Black Crows, Georgia Satellites...I mean, there's a wealth of guitar god material down here.

I was forced to chaperone my younger brother to a Poison show in '88 or so, with "Don Dokken" opening. No, not Dokken, "Don Dokken". Yeeeeearrrgh.

You never saw a grumpier country band than the one I was in when I was in college in Waco. We all wanted to play rock. You couldn't get ANY gigs. So we played country. And hated it.

But we covered our bar tabs.

Yo, Michele. When I was a kid I woulda nixed that idea too. I started out being very purist and proud, wouldn't even play songs that people liked, only ones that were "good." Then I found out it was better playing to an audience.

I was playing a place in Kodiak Alaska called "Tony's," and there was a band across the alley playing country, and they were having a lot more fun than we were, with our top-forty rock crap. Not only did people like them, but they actually got to play music.

The format is: somebody puts some money in the tip jar and asks for a song; the guys look at each other and say, "Anybody know the words to that one?"; somebody says, "I know two verses, I think"; then somebody says, "OK, what key?" And then you play the song.

If people are dancing, you make it longer, if they're not, well, you don't really need that second guitar solo.

Oh, and it's real fun, in country music, to make up highly offensive lyrics to all the songs. Nobody ever notices.

Being a hair metal freak myself, I'll promise to stay away from DJ. ;)

Yngwie Malmsteen - Ugh!

He needs a good dose of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix to understand where the hair metal heroes really learned their chops.

it would be pretty cool to see bush\kerry falling over each other for the coveted endorsment of "rocker moms".

btw, ccr would be a good launching pad from punk purity. baby steps. kick ass righteous american baby steps.

Listen, its not just metal we're showing him - although George Lynch is a guitar master in his own right and the boy loves his style! ... we've also started my nephew on Stevie Ray, Robert Cray and just a little Buddy Guy... also lots of the Black Crowes. we're not single minded and he's interested in EVERYTHING. it's great.

Michele, buy him a steel guitar and teach him to yodel. You'll never have to worry about him becoming a wealthy musician.

Yngwie is a very technically proficient guitarist. He's also pretty damn boring and way too full of himself.

Buy DJ a copy of Surfing with the Alien, by Joe Satriani. Trust me.