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The Big E

It's been over three months since I gave up my left-bashing, Indymedia and DU trolling, Ted Rall bitchslapping, Mark Morford fisks and general venomous writing. It felt good then, it feels good now. It's like having a tumor removed. But it seems like no matter what I do, I get bashed by someone. I give up making fun of Barbra Steisand and Sean Penn, I get called a pussy. I write about gay marriage, the conservatives jump on me. I write about voting for Bush, the liberals jump on me. This isn't really a complaint, mind you. Negative attention is better than no attention at all. And for every rude, obnoxious email or comment I get, there are two good ones. Point? Yes, I have one. The next 48 hours are controversy free. No politics, no elections, no religion, no lifestyle choices, no Red Sox bashing. Which leaves you with 48 hours - maybe more - of nothing but music, gaming, comics, kids and movies. And other assorted stuff. I'm just cleansing my system of all the negative vibes and angst. Think of it as a blogging enema.


It sounded like a lot of fun until that last sentence...

Oh sure, start that rumor about me and Jim and then run away!

48 hours? shit, you think we can find Ganz by then?

You just hurt me, Joe. Good one!

I denounce you for being wimpy!

Just as I posted a few angry notes in your gay marriage thread...

Ok, I'll sit on my hands now.

Which leaves you with 48 hours - maybe more - of nothing but music, gaming, comics, kids and movies. And other assorted stuff.

Michele, are you trying to piss me off?

I've discovered that no matter what I have to say or how I say it, I piss someone off. Ergo, I just go ahead and speak my mind. If you don't like it, so be it. I don't deliberately work to offend, but things happen.

BTW, thanks for the visual in the last sentence. Eww....

Polictics, schmolotics. Quit beating around the ... shrubbery. We all know this site just has not been the same ever since you got rid of the graphics with the little dead girl. I've been pissed off ever since.

You think you can please all of the people some of the time? Like, for 48 hours? Silly girl, you have not taken into account those of us who can hold a grudge a lot longer than that.


Reid, Reid, Reid,

I am terribly sorry to hear that you are pissed off. Unfortunately I can only tell you that life can be very tough! And grudges you keep might just fester inside of you and slowly devour your soul. I feel your negative vibes coming through my palantir and mingling with all the other negative voices I usually hear and you are not making me any happier - cut the negative vibes - ok?

Why don't you make up to Michele and say something nice to her. And be thankful that Michele is still posting. You know she might just up and quit one of these days.

Oh and by the way, next time you refer to Lenore, please remember that she is the CUTE little dead girl!

Here are summon modest suggestions to erase your negativety: Go to slave labor graphics and buy the entire collection of the cute little dead girl's stories. If you have already done that, consider doing it again and give them as a present to someone else to enjoy. You know, spread the happiness, support the starving artist who created cute little Lenore, or how about buying neat stuff for Michele. That way you feel happy, you get to be a patron to the arts, comics, and Michele's blog.

And with those happy shiny thoughts I remain at your service, :)

But we want the free <strike>ice cream</strike> pie!

Consider the negative attention proof that what you say strikes a chord, which is partly what public writing is all about.