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all filler, no killer, v.235

You asked, you get. A lot of you were disappointed in your scores on the 80's quiz yesterday, but cited cultural differences as the reason for your failing grade. That is, you don't really like 80's new wave. So, in the interest of fairness, quizzes for everyone. My score in parentheses. # Heavy Metal Albums (10/15) # Power Ballads (8/15) # Sing-a-long With the 60's (12/15) # Album titles - '70-'79 (10/10) # Lyrics - '80-'89 (8/10) I could do this all day, but I can't. Give me your scores or leave a link to any other quizzes you find.


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I got 13/15 on the one from yesterday as well. What else was there in the 80's besides new wave?

Yipee! 10 out of 10 on the 70's album titles. I have my self-esteem back.

9/10 on 70's album titles.

80's lyrics, 7 of 10.

All the others give me an error 54 :( Doh!


The metal one I got 12/15 and I got 15/15 on the power ballad one. The most worrying thing is that I own every single album on that list.

Heavy Metal Albums (7/15 - I was only certain about #5; the rest was semi-educated guessing)

Power Ballads (11/15 - having the Monster Ballads CD should've actually helped me more than it did)

Sing-a-long With the 60's (13/15 - can't say that Frankie Avalon or the Marvelettes reside anywhere in my long-term musical memory)

Album titles - '70-'79 (10/10)

Lyrics - '80-'89 (9/10 - gee, were Duran Duran and FGTH really two different bands?...)

...oops, sorry bout the anonymous post there -- that was me braggin'...

1. 11 of 15
2. 15 of 15
3. 12 of 15
4. 10 of 10 - A+
5. 7 of 10

Heavy Metal Album (13/15)
Power Ballads (10/15)
Sing-a-long With the 60's (6/15)
Album Titles 70-79 (10/10)
Lyrics - '80-'89 (10/10)

Heavy Metal Albums - 8/15: Uh-oh. The Mullet Wearers Society of America (MWSA) might cancel my membership.

Power Ballads - 14/15: Yes! I can once again wear my mullet with pride.

I stopped the quizzing here, feeling I should end on a high note.

Another quiz:


2. 12/15
4. 7/10
5. 8/10

Michele - I've created an 80s blog. Would love it if you would do a post or two.


9/15 heavy metal
15/15 power ballads
7/15 60's sing-along
9/10 Album Titles 70-79
9/10 Lyrics 80-89

12/15 on the 60s. And I am not at all embarrassed about the ones I missed.

I am, however, embarrassed about some of the ones I got.

Heavy Metal Albums (8/15)
Power Ballads (14/15)
Sing-a-long With the 60's (10/15)
Album titles - '70-'79 (7/10)
Lyrics - '80-'89 (10/10)