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If, when, why, what?

If those lyrics are familiar to you, try this quiz. 13 out of 15.


10 out of 15

Considering that I was born in '82, and have no recollection of almost anything before '91, that wasn't too bad.

12-15, but I wild assed guessed on all but 4.


Lousy Donald Fagan tripped me up.

I only got 12 of 15, but I was going to blame my relative youthful naivete. I would have held Michele up as a worldy-wise techie with photographic memory and a couple more years of self-awareness for this quiz, but I guess obscure is obscure, wot?

And lest I forget:

How much have you got?
Have you got it together
If so how often
Which will you choose
The hard or soft option?

Yeah, I got that one, but the ultimate PSB song is "It's a Sin". Not only a song, it's a way of life.

Jeez Louise...

I got 11 outta 15, and I guessed on 5. I am so disgusted with myself. I mean getting that many right.

And I do love Donald Fagan's "Nightfly". Great album...still got the vinyl..."and we walked, through the raindrops back to your door"..

Also scored 13/15- missed Fagan and Timbuk3.

W00t! Perfect score, baby--15!


Michele, what two did you miss? Or, in Prince-speak, what 2 did U miss?

13 of 15, taken this morning. I know I missed the Donald Fagen one but I can't remember the other I missed.

The test was like the SAT in a way. Even if you had no idea; if you could eliminate the songs you know don't have the lyrics you're got a shot. Eeek it's brought back too many SAT prep memories...


Only guessed twice.

BTW, "Sultans of Swing" and "Pop Muzik" are actually '70s songs.

Of course, you all knew that about "Sultans" already, because Michele said so in the post immediately preceding this one....

i, too, got 13. damned dire straits and donald fagen.

i bet i'd do better at an "80's hair band" quiz...

I only got 7 of 15, but I got Dire Straits and that's all that is important.

I apparently live in another world. I only got 3 right, and Donald Fagen was 1 of the 2 that I really knew.

13/15 I missed the Fagan one and unblievably the Kajagoogoo one. I'm slipping.

not enough hair band lyrics...

9 of 15

Your final score is 12 out of 15 questions.

who listened to donald fagan anyway....

11/15 - half those songs didn't make it over to the right side of the pond.

12/15. I was trying to at least tie Michele, but the Kaja got me, which ticked me off because I had (still have somewhere, probably) a 12-inch vinyl of it. Also the one where I chose 'Kyrie', which was wrong.

I agree with everyone on 'Nightfly'. Never far from the CD jukebox at my house. Neither is 'Kamakiriad', though it wasn't as well received.


14-of-15 -- tripped up by Stevie Windwood, of all things. Kinda ashamed that I knew the Journey one without even looking at the choices, but hey, I was teenager. I was into'em. What can I say?

6 out of 15. And those were six lucky guesses in a row. The eighties sucked (with very rare exceptions).

But I'll kick everybody's ass on anything between 1955 and 1975.

8 out of 15. Eesh. What can I say, I was a hair metal freak.

15 out of 15.

And what little 'guessing' I did was based on the fact that I knew (at least most of) the lyrics of the other choices.

Did I say music is my life?...

Brian J.

How much have you got?
Have you got it together
If so how often
Which will you choose
The hard or soft option?

This is from West End Girls, not It's a Sin.

(14/15)- I guess I didn't know many of the words to Too Shy.

12/15 - I have only the vaguest memory of ever hearing Donald Fagen's name before.

13/15. I can't believe so many people don't know I.G.Y.

12 out of 15 ...should have had 13...not that easy a quiz.

You can get The Nightfly on CD now? Far out.