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jesus christ pose

The Polyphonic Spree: One part Rev. Jim Jones reincarnated as Scott Stapp and one part cast of Godspell. I just wish that damn song wouldn't make me feel so....happy. I need heavy doses of Iron Maiden to counteract it. Just follow the day and reach for... It won't stop. The earplugs, they do nothing!



I think I rather listen to Dean screams in a loop than listen to that again.

If it's any consolation, they're about 10 times as annoying in concert (saw them at the Austin City Limits festival). They were scheduled for about 45 minutes, we all left after 13 minutes of syrup.

Their video makes me want to hurt people.
Especially people in white loose fitting garments.

Definitely a candidate for Jim Nader on NPR's Annoying Music Show...


Was wondering if I could say what I really thought if there were a ton of "I loved it!" comments :)

It's the music they use to indoctrinate new people into some new age religion, I'm thinking.

My head hurts.

Make it go away!

Iron Maiden didn't work. Next stop, NOFX. If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to go listen to a tape of a jet engine or something similar :)


"You'll take my life...."
"But I'll take yours too!"

I like that song.

Sue me.

Eric, I like it as well. That's my problem. I think it's sending me subliminal messages.

Just reach for the sun man. Follow the day and reach for the sun and it will all become clear.

One day we'll all wake up and find out that the entire cast of Polyphonic Spree is taking a dirt nap, Jamestown style.

I've got to agree with Mr. Norbizness. I caught one of their shows here in Dallas. Not only are they annoying, their loud beyond belief, and not in a good way. There's something very People's Temple about their presentation. (I don't recall if Flav-o-rade was being served that night.)

The bandleader, Tim Delaughter, runs my favorite record store, Good Records, so I cut him a little slack. That, and I tend to go easy on Dallas bands not named "Drowning Pool" (RIP). But they don't give me the happy hippy vibes they give everyone else. More like creepy.

I believe that both Polyphonic Spree and Flaming Lips will be things we look back on like we do "Afternoon Delight" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"; i.e., cultural hiccups where hindsight offers no clues, explanations, or mitigating factors for their ocurrence whatsoever.

Does anyone remember Tripping Daisy?

crickets chirp

Well, anyway, the lead singer of the Spree is the singer from Tripping Daisy. When I heard that, it saved me the agony of listening to them because I already hated them.

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