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Dean drops out after tonight and throws his support to Edwards. Deans supporters follow suit and Edwards ends up winning more primaries than Kerry the rest of the way. And we still end up with a brokered convention and this nightmare.


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You are so evil. Right, but evil.

nah...the suicide rejection is what made em run from Dean.

Bush vs Mega-Rodan

But where is Godzilla - Godzilla will save us!

Wait - Godzilla is here -


Make it halloween and have that Hillary picture as your new site design

You're gonna post that graphic once a week from now until the election, aren't you?


Okay... I'm over it now...

No, I'm not...


Man-oh-man, you got some scary shit creeping around this blog...

An intelligent, charismatic and non-AWOL candidate in 2008? Fine by me.


That really sounds disturbingly plausible.

BTW, thank you so much for the Command Post, it rocks!

This is what I've been saying all along....bring that b*tch on!

Joseph, we already HAVE one, but we have limitations within the Constitution that does not allow Bush to run a 3rd term:)

Laugh, cry, wail, or whatever...the amazing thing to me was that she got elected a NY senator in the first place. Even though everyone claims to be unable to stand her, she nonetheless has incredible political traction.

Here's a business principle that no one publicly acknowledges: bullshit is fully scalable, if presented under a plausible platform. And Hill is prime, grade-A bullshit, just below the surface.

This particular bullshit (also known to some as the Hilldebeest) will be the Dems' best effort in 2008. Unless a strong new Republican is prepped in the wings for that election, I predict she will win.

And to think that I was scared when Carter got elected in 1976, when I was 11...this one pales in comparison. Carter was weak with the military; Bill was weaker still; and Hill will turn it over to UN control, to get us out of "quagmires" like she claims Iraq is...at least, until the terrorist attack du juor takes out a high profile target (e.g., the NSA main ops buildings in Laurel, MD or an EMP strike against Wall Street or Redmond, WA (M$).

Wonder if she'll run with Fritz Mondale as her VP? Be afraid...be very afraid...

Joseph J. Finn: An intelligent, charismatic and non-AWOL candidate in 2008? Fine by me.

curls up in the corner

Make the bad lady stop... whimper

I thought your prediction was going to be that the Yankees break out #3 eventually for Arod and on the opening day of spring training Jetes steps aside from SS and takes 2nd or 3rd.

I hope you are right about Hillary though...because we don't have enough dirty politics or scandals dug up on candidates in the news as it is.

I felt the start of her non campaign-campaign when Living History came out. It was written to get her off the hook for all the Clinton years questions. (Katie, you know I addressed that in my best seller. We need to look to the future now.)

There are two things that have to happen for them to try it in '04. One, Bush looking vulnerable. Two, she has to "be drafted" as the savior of the party at the convention.

You have to ask yourself, how long can they maintain control of the party, with their boy Terry at the helm, if they keep losing every election cycle? Would the Dems stand for it if they lose big again next fall? They had a hard enough time reigning Dean in.

She wouldn't have to risk re-election in N.Y.

She's postured herself as tough on national defense, (despite the disdain she displayed for the military as described by every military officer who came in contact with her during the Clinton years.) She was polling higher against GW than any of the 9 until the recent Kerry bump.

LeHane and Clark being fingered for the Kerry/intern story and Bill publicly encouraging Edwards to stay in the race fit in perfectly.

IF they do make a move to annoint her at the convention, (can you say momentum?) the really scary part is the number of women who will vote for her just because she is a woman.

This is the scenario that can keep one awake at night, with the lights on, feeling for the tin foil hat in the hope that it's really all in your head.

After all, it couldn't be real could it?

P.S. OTOH forget I said any of this. It would kill me if I imagined this was encouragement in any way.

But Michele, what if Dorothy throws a bucket of water on her before the convention?

I think if Mega-Rodan runs in 2008, the Republicans should run Condi Rice against her.

THAT would be a riviting political race.

And I think that Condi would win hands down.

Headzero: YES!!! Yes yes yes yes!

Condi in '08. It would be sweet, sweet victory.

First, I think it likely a cold day in hell before she gets even a brokered nomination.

I think that's a good thing and think it a damn shame that there's no credible female candidate to be seen.

BTW, my objection to Condi Rice is pretty much identical; stone-cold elietist idiological bitches (of any gender) should not be allowed near the presidency.

Shame it's happened twice in a row now...

Aside from polictics - both of them remind me all too much of that perky take-charge woman who becomes PTA president because sheer force of personality and rightious indignation steamrolls all in her path. You want to give that woman a swirly. Don't lie, I know you do.

And as far as I'm concerned, Hillary and Condi would best serve the nation in matching latex french maid uniforms.

Complete with ball gags.

Not that I woudn't VOTE for her if the choce was Hillary or Bush. But there would be deep angst involved, and a certain comfort in how little she'd manage to acheive in the resulting firestorm.

For lack of a credible alterative, I'll be voting for Kerry. One factor in that is that, given a Republican majority, he hasn't a freaking PRAYER of getting any significant portion of his agenda accomplished, while at the same time is likely to veto a great deal of nonsense.

I LIKE that scenario. If I can't have less govenment and less taxes, I at least have a shot at less governing... :>