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a template, a template! my kingdom for a template!

Some days you just can't do anything right. All I wanted was a two column template, centered, with wide margins on each side. Kind of like this. Not that design, but that layout. And I'm torn between doing a cheesy sci-fi robot theme, or a music theme. I should be packing up boxes. Or cooking dinner. What I should not be doing is screaming at the computer "my kingdom for a two column layout with a header!" I think I should realize by now that it's not something I can do myself and I'll have to download the html/css from somewhere else. Or start with a new MT templated. Whichever. Anyhow. Sorry for the complete lack of anything interesting today. Just one of those days when the mind wants a little respite.


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a few places




i'm sure you could find the basic design in there somewhere and tweak it to what you need.

Do a cheesy musical sci-fi robot theme.

You mean like this?

So, exactly how much is your kingdom worth anyway? And why isn't it a queendom? Or a dictatorship? And who elected you king? And how can you tell you're a king? ;p

Because I am not a feminist ruler, I don't mind the usage the word kingdom. No one elected me King/Queen/Supreme ruler. I was just the first one here and claimed dibs on any leadership.

It's a thankless job, you know. And the Kingdom really isn't worth all that much.

"And the Kingdom really isn't worth all that much.

I hate to argue with a supreme ruler, but I'm actually kinda fond of this kingdom. Perhaps it's not bringing you great monetary wealth, but the high esteem in which you're held by the vast majority of your subjects is a form of currency in its own right...

music theme!

aiyee! a table nightmare!

Gotta be style sheet, baby.

I'd offer to help you with the CSS, but you keep rubbing the A-Rod thing in my face.

You could do it with floats, like my old Blog*Splat template. Lemme know if you want the code.

Template Monster dot Com is Where its at !

Full Templates!!