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[Saying nothing in millions of words: writing when you can't get your writing mojo going] My god. I started about twenty blog entries today, all of a serious nature, and I just could not get my mind going. They all got off to a rousing start and then crash-landed somewhere around the third paragraph. Meanwhile, I received a few suggestions on my attempt to rip off someone else's meme - which in its own right was ripped off from someone else - and make a blog board game, just for the sole purpose of including myself, seeing as that I was not included in the other one, save for a Chance card that said something about my boobs. Not the way I want to be immortalized, guys! A couple of people suggested Talisman which, after some Googling, I discovered looks just like Magic the Gathering, a game I don't understand, don't want to and wish would go away because every Saturday when I go to the comic store, I can't get to the back issues because there are 5,000 kiddies (most of them over the age of 20) playing Magic. But that all led me to thinking about the comic book store, which made me think about action figures, which gave me an idea to have blogger action figures. Has that been done already? I hope not. Like many of my other ideas, this one will probably start and sputter and start again, until a year from now, it finally gets put together and posted, only to have the idea be obsolete at that point, because half the bloggers I used have left the building. Ok, I'm going to cast hit movies with bloggers. No, I'm going to rewrite Little Women with bloggers! No, no. I think I'll just give up the idea all together and go work on the design that would not become reality. I'm thinking color this time. Been black and white and sometimes red too many times. Two columns, a header and lots of color. Or maybe I'll just start blogging by hand, with a paper and pen, and just scan the posts. Maybe I'll go have another cup of coffee and think this whole thing over.


Don't be ripping on Magic, girlie, lest I send my biggest Artifacts after you...

Ha! Magic gamers are the bane of my existence every Origins... I want to hand each and every one of them a +5 basket of personal hygiene products!

Superhero bloggers sounds cool!

whoa, don't be getting down on Talisman. It is NOTHING Magic: The Money Gathering...

I seem to remember an Instpundit action figure, and of course Lair had one.

Why not cast six Democratic candidates (former and current) as the pieces in Clue?

I once thought of doing "Superman II" with a blogger cast. Instapundit as General Zod, with posts like this. A certain mild-mannered reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as Superman. ("The son of Li-Leks will kneel before me! Indeed.") You would've been Ursa, Tim Blair would've been ruler of Australia.

How about doing bloggers as superheroes something or other? It'd be right up your alley. And you could immortalize yourself more properly.

Little confused here. Big diss on the Magic card game while D&D Nerd Commenters jump on the bandwagon, all because you can't understand it and it gets in the way of your comic books?

Is there really THAT much difference between being a Comic Book Geek and being a Magic Card Geek? Or a Dungeons and Dragons Geek? Or a BLOGGING Geek, for that matter?

And lets not forget your Main Page that sports a theme of... what? Ah, yes. The theme is: Commodore 64 Home Computer. The PINNACLE of Geekitude if you used one in the 80s.

Oh, ok. It's starting to come together now, I think. Geek is OK when pop culture deems it "cool" and it garners ego-boosting blog hits. Comics are "cool". The 80s are "cool". Blogging is "cool".

I doubt you deserve the use of that theme.

Well, someone's got their panties in a bunch.

Yep, that's it, babe. All I want out of life is to do what's cool and be what's cool.

So, what does one have to do to deserve the use of the theme I'm using? Play Magic with you?

Personally darlin' (no offense, ma'am), I'd build a platoon AKA "Rico's Roughnecks" out of the blogdom's denizens and assign ranks and weaponry at your whim.

Would SDB be the chaplain? - If he is, I'll tote the altar and bourbon.......

Jeebus! talk about sensitive! speaks slowly and clearly
It was a joke, son. Have you ever stepped into the room at a gaming convention where all the card games are played? It REEKS, because there are quite a few ccg'rs that have no clue.

Yeah, I play RPGs, board games, hell, I even played MTG way back when, and I am not just a geek, I am the Alpha Female Geek, thank you. I can also laugh at myself, because I know what I look like to the mundane world, and don't give a shit.
(other cool things - LARP'ing, online computer games, painting miniatures like this

www.reapermini.com/gallery/2700s/2700_G )

Sorry, tried to tag it for a hyperlink, but it didn't seem to work :(

shrug I guess it does have cards, so it looks like Magic. Difference for me is, I'd pick up Talisman to play in a heartbeat, but trying to play Magic always gave me a headache.
Fortunately, there are 14 gazillion people who like playing Magic, so I'm no big loss. ;)