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dig the new digs

While I run off to work, you can go check out the new design at Late Final; Ed was smart and used Sekimori talent. This blog has seen many a Sekimori design, but I wanted to try to work something out on my own (this current design is my own as well). Don't worry, I'm not using the crappy design I posted last night. I have something else in mind. Later: religion, domestic disturbance, righting wrongs and Maddux. Not all at the same time.


Maddux used to be cool, but he has become a left-wing dipwad lately. Oops, I'm thinking of Maddox. You must be talking about Greg Maddux, he is unfortunately on his last legs and is not worth the money. Time for him to retire and get inducted into the hall-of-fame in five years.