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I've been sitting here for hours trying to come up with a new design. This is what I ended up with. It may or may not be used. Like it? Hate it? We could make this a group decision. But don't criticize without offering some alternative suggestions! I'm going to see CSS code in my sleep. I know it. Eh. I just looked at it again. I'm not feeling it.


The quality (or lack thereof) of the boombox image might have something to do with the "eh". Try this instead: http://sekimori.com/misc/boombox.jpg

A good start, but animate the radio.

Uhh...this is very off subject, but I haven't been here in a few days so this is kind of late. It's about what you were saying about your daughter being 14 and the years passed so fast. Well it reminds me of Catch-22. I think it's Orr that's asking, "How long does a year pass when it's going away?" or something like that. Anyway, the answer he gives is a snap of his finger. Just thought I'd mention that, because when I read that part, it made me cry. It was only yesterday when I was reading that big first grade book, now this...Anyways, better late than never.

Correction: It was Dunbar, not Orr. I just finished checking.

The links are unreadable against the boombox at least in my browser (Mozilla).

8-track? yeah!

It doesn't really work for me. (I do like your current design, though.) But what the hell do I know? Seen my blog? It has no real design to speak of. Just words and links. I'm the wrong person to ask, but you did ask! Sorta...

If you could get a little midi file to play "Disco Inferno," it'd be perfect!

The design is cool, the content will still be great. How's the Little Dead Girl doing?

I know you can do much better, Michele. That design is not bad. Time to step back for a while and let the creative mojo work. Something much better will arrive soon.

I had the same problem as Josh -- and the red of the radio was really distracting.

The sidebar is sort of weirdly positioned. No, not sort of, it's definitely weirdly positioned. I'd bring that back up and to the right. I like the radio but the fuzzy look isn't quite right. If you can get something similar in a sharp pic I think it would be fine.