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george's deal with satan finally pays off

nmygloatingwillcomebacktobi.jpg It's official.


this rules.

I've never heard more people say "I love Steinbrenner" in one day than I have today.

This is where normally I would go on a tirade against the Yankees. Instead I'm going to blame this one on the Commish, who should have vetoed this trade with a great deal of prejudice. The Yankees are ruining baseball and Bud Selig isn't doing a damn thing to stop it. It really gets my goat.

Of course, given Rodriguez' track record, he may be the albatross that sinks the already listing yankee clipper.

Remind me again who are the world champions?

Tom, there just isn't any way short of some hideous communist revenue sharing or salary cap to stop the Yankees from using everyone else as a farm system. Anyway, what has it done for them lately?

Howabout we start looking at the other "big market" teams and compare them to the Yankees. I'd say percentage-wise they are about as "farm friendly" as the boys in the Bronx.

Time to bring out the "I'm a Yankee fan" shit eating grin.

Alright, I'll bite, Tom, how are the Yankees ruining baseball?

By sharing revenue with inferior poorly managed teams like Milwaukee just so that they can have competition? Or better yet, are the Yankees ruining the game by giving money to the Twins a team, by the way, with a billionaire owner who won't spends as little as possible of his own money on his own team (and who, in fact, tried to have his team dissolved a couple of years ago)? The Twins have been competitive, but think of how much better they could be if their billionaire owner spent some of his own nestegg on the team. Imagine how much better the Twins could be if their owner simply had to spend the money George gave him on the team and not just further pad his bank account with it.

Is the Arod trade bad for Texas? Hardly. Soriano is no AROD, but he isn't exactly chopped liver.
Sheesh, why is it such a travesty when NY sees the chance to make a move for a good player and they go out and do this?

No, what is ruining baseball is owners and GM like that of the people in Texas who go out and give ARod this huge contract that they can't actually afford. They bid $100 million more for his services than any other team when they signed him--why? Why not just $2-5 million more? I mean, when in a bidding war how often do you see one bidder come in at $100 million higher than the second place bidder? I would venture to say not often.

You also got teams in Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Colorado etc...that continue to make bad decisions with the money they do have. And a lot of that money comes from, guess who, big bad George! Only just having George throw more money in their pocket is not going to fix poor management problems, you know? So I would argue that it is far from George Steinbrenner's fault that these teams are struggling. Maybe it has more to do with something within those team's own front office. Maybe there are too many teams. Nah, that couldn't be it.

Or are you saying that only the Yankees get (can afford) the best talent? Uh wrong again. Have you looked at Anahiem's signings lately? Boston's? I don't hear people whining about what they are doing? See, many teams make big free agent moves, but they just don't have the front office skills or baseball knowledge to know how to win with it. Look at the Dodgers for the past few years. They have had a very healthy payroll, but they can't seem to play into the postseason.

Also, when was the last time the Yankees actually WON the World Series? It's been awhile. In fact, last year they lost it to one of those poor little small market teams that will never win again due to the front office prowess of those horrible evil Yankees!

So...I think George is doing everything he can to help baseball. And anti-Yankee fans are upset because he has the gall to do things to help his own team as well? Um...isn't that his job? See, I know it's rare for an owner to try to build a winner year in and year out, most of these pretender type owners are just in it to show a profit and therefore the league is littered with .500 baseball teams, but that is not how George is going to play ball. I wish more owners were like this.

The commish should have vetoed this? For what reason? Because it is bad for baseball? Hardly! What is bad for baseball is that the commish is an owner (soon to be former owner) of himself of a small market team that sucks and will continue to suck because no one has a clue how to fix them.

OH and you can quit your whining too Boston fans. If Boston would have had the stones to pull the trigger on Arod no one would have claimed that Boston was ruining baseball. Remember, ARod agreed to take a $30 million (or so) paycut to be a Red Sox player and they still couldn't pull it off. WTF? Quit your whining and enjoy your Super Bowls.

Besides, the Yankees don't need an All-World third baseman or short stop to beat Boston, as they proved (yet again) last year.

DJSPICERACK, no argument there. As a libertarian, I have to support leaving the Yankees alone. Anyway, it just makes it that much sweeter when they lose.


I think the players' association vetoed the A-Rod to Boston deal, so I think the Sox fans have plenty of reason to be pissed.

The union vetoed the A-Rod to Boston deal because the Sawx wanted to restructure (read: devalue) Rodriguez's contract by something in the neighborhood of $12 mil. The Yanks looked at that $12 mil and decided they could do without the new Tiffany lamps in the luxury suites, and pulled the trigger.

Do you think Cashman called up Epstein after the trade and advised him to come play with the big boys once his balls dropped?

That sound you hear? That's me, giggling like a little schoolgirl. Yankees ticket prices went up? Glad to pay it, when I get to go watch the All-Star game on any given Wednesday in the Bronx.

Just remember this day when the Yankees open the season losing 3 of 4 to the Devil Rays. By then the Boss will have threatened to fire somebody, taken away Jeter's Captain status and said more mean things about Don Zimmer.

Beware the curse of the Gerbil! hahahhaha

You know, part of me wants to be pissed about this while the other part of me thinks that if I were a Yankees fan, I'd be pretty happy. If I were a Red Sox fan, I'd be cheesed off that the commissioner nixed the Boston/Rangers trade but OK'd the Yankees/Rangers trade. Some people will start to wonder if Georgie boy can buy everyone, including Selig.

However, despite the knee-jerk reaction I had from hearing about this over the weekend, I can't argue with what Steinbrenner's doing. He's going out there, being aggressive and getting the pieces he needs to field a champion. Sure, it gets a little old as I watch my Cubbies lose year after year, but it's because the Tribune Company (who owns the Cubs) is stingy with their money and we never go out and pony up for the big players like the Yankees do. Hey, if George wants to pay the luxury tax (which benefits the smaller market teams...er, I mean which puts money in the pockets of OWNERS of the smaller market teams such as Cincinnati)

I think that a lot of the griping is born out of jealousy- I know I'm jealous as hell of the Yankees with the roster they have assembled this year- Sheffield, Giambi, Kevin Brown, Jeter, Matsui and now A-Rod, just to name a few. Torre's going to have a hell of a time trying to manage the egos in that clubhouse. At the very least, it will be an interesting season to watch- the media hype surrounding the expectations of this team will be off the charts- hopefully the team can live up to those expectations.

I might buy the free-market theories of baseball if it were a free market. But it's not. Not when the largest market, which is twice as big as the next largest market, has only two teams. As long as there is a franchise veto, it's not a free market.

The solution doesn't require socialist revenue-sharing. You just need the league pay the players. Baseball has an anti-trust exemption. Instead of having the teams compete against each other for talent, simply have MLB employ all the players. Then the league can set up a system to distribute the players to the teams, say a draft.

Just go on thinking that Bryan. But there is a reason the rest of us know why it worked with NY and not with bAWWWWSton.

As for your Cubbies Kristi. I think they are getting the picture now. You got to spend money to win. Even if the fans show up day in and day out despite whatever they put on the field.

Another example of a team with the money, but happy to make a profit until lately.

But that is probably Steinbrenners fault too.

Oh and right on Jason. Whether they win it all or not, they will be fun to watch.

It amazes me how everybody blames George Steinbrenner for all of this as if he's at fault.

Tom Hicks didn't HAVE to sign A-Rod to that contract. He didn't HAVE to trade him either.

The Red Sox lost out on having A-Rod because they didn't have the balls to pull the trigger on it. They bitched about money that would have had their payroll at $138 million a year instead of the current $130 million. Now, they DON'T have A-Rod, they're still stuck with that malcontent Manny Ramirez, and they have a great shortstop in Nomar Garciaparra that they shit all over during the A-Rod debacle.

They're still a good team, and will compete, but Brian Cashman showed Theo Epstein how to close a deal.

BTW, the Yankees had to dole out close to $63 million in luxury taxes and revenue sharing cash this past season. There was a total of $170 million given out to 14 teams after the 2001 season. The most went to the Milwaukee, the most profitable team in 2001 thanks to revenue sharing.

Where did that money go?

Wouldn't George dealing with Satan constitute self-dealing?

"Wouldn't George dealing with Satan constitute self-dealing?"

Naahhhhhh...more like nepotism.