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no boobies for you!

After letting Aaron hang for a couple of days, I decided to go ahead and be nice to him. After all, he did make this neat card for me when I complained that I was left out of his Blogopoly board. CC2-ASM.jpg In fact, Aaron made cards and playing pieces for many people and you should go check them out. I think if you write something snarky about his attempt at sucking up and then link him, he'll make you a piece, too. Now, I was never a big fan of Monopoly. So I was wondering what blog versions of other board games would look like. And then I realized there are really no other board games that would work. I thought about Operation, with Atrios as the guy on the hospital table, and the rest of us pulling out his various body parts. Works for me. I really couldn't come up with anything clever and I just wanted to make a gratuitous post to Aaron's blog out of my sense of duty to people who make references to my boobs.


Hesiod. Hesiod on the table. He'd scream better.

Nevermind, Blogopoly's as good as it gets.

Is that all it takes to get a gratuitous link? Mentioning your boobies? I feel a booby centered post in the works....

Rusty, I put your blog on my links list just because of the title. So there are many ways to get a gratuitous link out of me.

Boris is sad he's not one of the pieces. ;)

I won't deny Michele's analysis of what it takes to get a piece. (Read that however you like.)

I'd prefer getting submissions for consideration.

Lenore doesn't pat little kids on the head, she guts them (accidentally, and as Jhonan Vaquez pointed out "she does it cute")

Talisman maybe? A talisman style game would fit in with the world as a blog view of The Commissar's maps. And the cards would be cool looking too. ;]

Candyland or LIFE might work. They kindof have the same premise of moving to different landmarks on the game board.

I was going to say "Sorry", for "Sorry I didn't blogroll you", but Talisman is even better! With all the extension packs and extra boards, you would have plenty of room for the blogosphere entire.