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long day's night

Been out all day, most of the night. Birthdays, birthdays everywhere and too much cake to eat. So, I'm ready for a new design. I tend to keep designs only a month at a time and this one has been up longer than that. I can't decide on where I want the design to go; a celebration of classic rock and vinyl records or a full-on 80's new wave theme? Maybe a food theme? I think I did the action figure thing already. Movies? Cartoons? I keep coming back to something with old concert handbills and a ska-type decor. Suggestion box is open. I'm going to find some Tums and a pillow.


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Two words: animated wallpaper.

You're such a dick. And I say that with the utmost respect.

I'm thinking a background showing Han shooting Greedo would kick ass.

A white background with a red and blue stripe around the edge. And the sidebar in gold.

A Danzig theme. You know you want to.

How 'bout a late-60s Kirby-style comic book theme?

The 80s stuff sounds good. Or maybe an Adult Swim layout with a big, animated dancing Meatwad? :)
And yeah, you did the action-figure thing a while back.

Star Trek background.

Oh, ok. How about a really hi-res and luscious looking bannana split?

Gigposters is a great website.
I've always loved the look of show flyers, so that option gets my vote.

How about an image of Pay-Rod wearing his Yankee cap and a big shit-eating grin?

Retro, baby...bossa nova, tiki, space-age, plastic, the whole gig. Swing it!

If you can get your hands on an The Beat graphic from the eponymous t-shirt that always seemed to show up on others (like Sting in the Don't Stand So Close video) that was a good ska graphic too.

Of you could do a Rachel Lucas floating head layout with Lair's 80's mug (which he graciously posted last week)...

How about the original stand-up arcade pong? Oh...I've got shivers just thinking about it.

80s hard rock them...think about your site as if were designed as if whoever dressed Poison, Cinderella and Warrant with a dash of Bulletboys.

Night Ranger!!!!

Wow that comment was written by my inner Tommy Lee...can you say incoherent? What the hell is in this tea I am drinking?

More seriously? Kill Bill. Or All Things Tarantino.


this is right up your alley, and definitely go with the Han/Greedo thing (which this link talks about)... It's the way to go.

And what's wrong with animated wallpaper?

That's it. I'm going to build the worst animated wallpaper for ATS.

May I suggests a Damn Yankees theme?

P.S. Other textual inspiration here: http://girlsarepretty.com/