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Valentine #2: On the Rebound

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» Who needs Barbie? from The People's Republic of Seabrook
(This card was shamelessly liberated from michele) Mattel introduces "Ken & Bruce"; SF to be initial test market.... [Read More]



roses are red
violets are blue
i think i have diaper rash
was it the glue?
if so
can we please not be so kinky next time

Please don't tell me that Aquaman and the Flash have split up. I think GI Joe would be perfect for Ken.

Insiders whisper that Barbie is taking up with an Australian surfer named Blaine, but my boyfriend thinks that Blaine is just using her to get to Ken, who is his true object.

NOTE: Australians, even gay ones, are not named "Blaine".

The ever-alert Guardian has the story.

That's a good one, Michele - good job.

Poor Aquaman gets no respect... but, then again, that's because he's really lame.

What about poor Allan? Remember him? I always thought he was waiting in the wings for Ken.

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