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When cupid knocks at your door, you can't ignore

Today is all Valentine, all the time. Not in the time-honored sense of Valentine's Day, but in any way I see fit to recognize the day that is both loved and loathed. My first Valentine goes out to all my Boston homies. arod.jpg [You didn't hear? Click the image for the news. Hearts made possible by Acme Heart Maker]


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Oh my. I was sitting here all drowsy and depressed and thinking about going back to bed, and that jolted me more awake than the whole pot of coffee I am currently drinking ever would have.

Love the graphic too. Nice work. Hope this works out.

Of course, if it happens, the Yankees will be the ones accused of trying to buy the Championship...

This hurts Mets fans too.

Good thing I don't care about baseball anymore, or that would suck more than anything has ever sucked before.

Have I mentioned how much I hate you, recently?

Happy fricking Valentine's Day.

Just great. Another reason for Yankees fan's heads to swell even more. Its a wonder Manhattan hasn't sunk into the earth under the weight of all those pumpkin sized heads.

Help me with this (and understand where I'm coming from, I want the Rangers to send him somewhere),,,the Yankees need more bats?

Personally, I think it's a stupid idea. A team with no pitching shouldn't be throwing Soriana and money after another high priced bat.

I agree with Michele about the stupidity of the potential trade in light of the pitching or lack thereof. However, like her, I recognize its immense value in terms of taunting Red Sox fans. Oh yeah.

Maybe Steinbrenner has caught the Texas Rangers flu. Go after hitting. Ignore pitching. Lose.

Taunting Boston is hard to do when you lose.

I think it's great - Steinbrenner's unquenchable lust for hitters may just turn out to be his downfall once again. And adding another big ego to the Yankee clubhouse could have interesting repercussions as well. You know that A-Rod isn't going to want to play third base forever...

go yankees!

A-Rod is just trying to jumpstart the talks with the Red Sox again. Cause we know NY would never do anything like that to Jeter. (Would Jeter get to still be the Captain?)